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AMPU Modern Day Playtest


AMPU Modern Day Playtest  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. Are you interested in AMPU Modern

    • Yes,and I'd like to playtesy
    • Yes,but I wouldn't like to playtest
    • No
  2. 2. Which start date would you prefer?

    • 2000,would be most tedious to make spreadsheet
    • 2016
    • 2020
    • 2024,continue MrPotatoTed playthrough where it stopped with all alternate events
    • I'm not interested
  3. 3. What party would u like ur faction to belong?

  4. 4. Would you volunteer to help me with setting up a spreadsheet?

  5. 5. Do you fulfill requirements listed below in topic description?

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16 minutes ago, Rodja said:

@jvikings1Are you interested in participating or not?Asking cause you voted you aren't but also voted that you want a Republican faction?Just to clarify which one was a mistake.

Whoops, that was a mis-click. No, I’d rather let other interested parties get a chance to play.

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 @Hestia @jnewt @Murrman104 @ebrk85


@Brunell @WVProgressive @Pringles @ConservativeElector2

Possible factions are:


Blue1 @Murrman104:LW Pops,Progressives,Civil Rights,LW Activists,Reformists,Environmental Welfare and Housing lobby,10 Senators,3 Governors,0 Kingmakers,1 SC Justice

Blue2 @jnewt:Progressive,Liberals,Moderates,Civil Rights,Reformists,Public Healthcare,Human Rights,Unions,LW Media,13 Senators,3 Governors,2 Kingmakers,1 SC Justice 

Blue3 @ebrk85:Liberals,Moderates,Civil Rights,Education,Environmentalists,Wall Street,10 Senators,6 Governors,3 Kingmakers,2 SC Justice

Blue4 @Hestia:LiberaLiberals,Moderates,Conservatives,Civil Rights,Human Rights,Big Pharma,14 Senators,6 Governors,2 Kingmakers,No Justices


Red1 @WVProgressive:RW Populists,Traditionalists,Nationalist,Pacifist,Theocratic,RW Media,Rw Activists,Isolationist,12 Senators,6 Governors,4 Kingmakers,2 SC Justice

Red2 @Brunell:Conservatives,Traditionalists,Theocratic,Agriculture,Free Trade,Wall Street,18 Senators,7 Governors,6 Kingmakers,No Justices

Red3 @ConservativeElector2:Conservatives,RW Activists,Isolationist,Corporations,Wall Street,Oil and Gas,9 Senators,10 Governors,1 Kingmaker,No Justices

Red4 @Pringles:Moderates,Conservatives,Expansionist,Globalist,Military Complex,Law and Order,15 Senators,9 Governors,1 Kingmaker,2 Justices

Playtest will begin very soon

Edited by Rodja
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