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Presidents Ranked by Agenda and Persuasion


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This calculated whether or not a president's agenda is significantly future-oriented, the relative charisma of the president, the relative oratorical speaking abilities of the president, their relative ability to use current modes of communication to reach the electorate, and in an effort to calculate effectiveness of persuasion, I include whether or not the president was reelected, renominated, saw gains in Midterms, controlled both houses of Congress, won the PV by 10%+ margin, etc. 

  1. FDR
  2. Jefferson
  3. T Roosevelt
  4. Lincoln
  5. Monroe
  6. Jackson
  7. Wilson
  8. Washington
  9. JFK
  10. Madison
  11. McKinley
  12. LBJ
  13. Grant
  14. Coolidge
  15. Reagan
  16. Obama
  17. Polk
  18. Biden **Shouldn't count**
  19. WH Harrison **Shouldn't count**
  20. Van Buren
  21. Clinton
  22. Garfield **Shouldn't count**
  23. Carter
  24. Nixon
  25. Truman
  26. J Adams
  27. Harding
  28. Hoover
  29. GW Bush
  30. Eisenhower
  31. Cleveland (1st term)
  32. Cleveland (2nd term)
  33. Taft
  34. Taylor
  35. Buchanan
  36. Trump
  37. B Harrison
  38. JQ Adams
  39. Pierce
  40. Arthur
  41. Hayes
  42. GHW Bush
  43. Tyler
  44. Ford
  45. Fillmore
  46. A Johnson
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