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What Will Happen from 2022-2099?


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As some of you know I'm making a game that covers US politics from 1788-2024. I'm now creating add-ons for 1774-1788 and 2024-2099. The later is called Era of the Future. 

I need some help coming up with ideas to flesh it out. There's three kinds of items of which I need help mostly in two areas. 

  1. Scripted Events:  These are generally events that occur internationally that might influence how a president or congress reacts. 
  2. Legislative Proposals: This is legislation that can be proposes, passed, repealed, signed, vetoed, overridden. 
  3. Presidential Actions: These are things like executive actions, executive branch developments, presidential proposals/activism, etc. 

What I really need help fleshing out is coming up with more legislative proposals and presidential actions. For 2024-2099, these are too few at the moment, although they'll have all the potential laws and actions from previous eras. I'm looking for things that you can imagine would exist in the future. 

Here's what I currently have. Please add your ideas for Legislative Proposals and Presidential Actions. I don't really need many more Scripted Events, but I'll post them here: 

Era of the Future

Scripted Events: 

Scripted: Robot Controversy (==allows call for regulation=)

Scripted: China and Russia surpass US in robot technology creating tension

Scripted: Boom in sentient robot technology (Robot Controversy)

Scripted: Technology to colonize space available

Scripted: Join International Space Law Court (Fund Colonization to space)

Scripted: China makes breakthrough in Human Cloning (War w/ China available)

Scripted: Robots soldiers now available (Boom in sentient robot technology)

Scripted: Russia declares war for former USSR possessions (anti-Russian Bloc formed)

Scripted: Germany, Poland and Eastern European countries form anti-Russian Bloc

Scripted: Rapid population decline in the US and developed world (allows call for cloning)

Scripted: Great Russian Civil War (Russia declares war for former possessions)

Scripted: Treaty with United Siberia (Great Russian Civil War occured)

Scripted: Chinese Clone War (Population decline in developed world)

Scripted: China Fragments (Chinese Clone War)

Scripted: US-Tibet Treaty (China Fragments)

Scripted: US-Taiwan Treaty (China Fragments)

Scripted: US-Shu Treaty (China Fragments)

Scripted: Japan becomes Superpower (China Fragments)

Scripted: Turkey becomes Superpower (Great Russian Civil War)

Scripted: Poland becomes Superpower (Great Russian Civil War)

Scripted: Japanese Navy dominates Pacifice (Super Power; can lead to war)

Scripted: Turkish Navy dominates Mediterranean (Super power; can lead to war)

Scripted: Middle East falls into Turkey’s sphere of influence (Super power; can lead to war)

Scripted: Wei China and Wu China fall under Japanese sphere of influence (Super power; can lead to war)

Scripted: The two Koreas reunify (China Fragments)

Scripted: Turkey and Japan form anti-US Pact (both are Super Powers)

Scripted: UK, Tibet, Shu China, United Siberia, India, Poland Bloc, the Koreas and the UK call on US to stop Turkish and Japanese influence- Turkey and Japan have both expanded sphere of influence (leads to World War IV).

Scripted: Poland expands into Eastern Europe and into Russia (World War IV ended in Victory)

Scripted: Poland breaks international treatise by expanding in Space (Poland expanded; Can lead to Polish Space War; Turkey and Japan also join in to stop Poland)

Scripted: Robot Era Workforce and Healthcare Crises (Robot Controversy occurred)

Scripted: Mexico offer to buy CA, NV, AZ, NM, and TX (Robot Worker Crisis and econ is in Depression)

Scripted: Space Race w/ China (Resources charted in solar system)

Scripted: Cold War with China (requires Space Race w/ China--China has not broken up)

Scripted: Alternative Energy overtakes fossil fuels, which are quickly depleting

Scripted: Great Climate Migration: US flooded with climate refugees from around the world

Scripted: Human-AI Augmentation invented (Robot Controversy and Test Subject controversy)

Scripted: First Sentient Robot to become a State Judge (Robot Rights enacted)

Scripted: AI vs Augmented Humans Riots (Human-AI Augmentation is funded)

Scripted: Augmented Humans vs Regular Humans Riots (Human-AI Augmentation is funded)

Scripted: Cure for Cancer discovered (required funding)

Scripted: Chinese Scientists discover how to extend lifespan, possibly perpetually through brain-replacement surgery (Cure for Cancer was discovered)

Scripted: AI Baron’s War (Human-AI Augmentation invented; Human-AI Augmentation is not universal)--basically Humans launch a rebellion against the creators of AI who can determine who works and doesn’t work, which regions are rich and which are poor.

Scripted: Chinese Scientists discover how to slow and reverse some parts of aging (extend lifespan discovered)

Scripted: Seniors dominate America crisis (extend lifespan discovered)

Scripted: Algorithms dominate popular technology, research, and consumerism

Scripted: Efficient Algorithms create a decline in free thought worldwide (algorithms dominate)

Scripted: Hacked AI-Augmented General Coup (China or Russia has not broken up, AI-Augmented General exists).

Scripted: Scientists declare Climate Battle must start today or we won’t last to 2099.

Scripted: Pro-Nationalist violence escalates as view of US as global civilization predominates

Scripted: Continent-sized Hurricane lands at New Orleans (Climate Control not yet invented)

Scripted: 10.0 Richter Scale Earthquake hits CA (Climate Control not yet invented)

Scripted: Temperatures in AZ and TX hit 135 degrees! (Climate Control not yet invented)

Scripted: Climate Control Technology becomes available

Scripted: Climate Control Technology proven to be efficient (removes climate-based events)

Scripted: UN calls for increased power to control the few from having too much power over data, technology, and the future in space. (Requires Poland stopped in Space)

Scripted: UN aims to be the World Government (required US signs on to giving UN more power)

Scripted: Wealthiest American declares his mega corporation as a sovereign nation (AI Soldiers and AI-Augmented General--leads to the War of Corporation Secession)

Scripted: Non-religious now the largest “religion” demographic (robot controversy occurred)

Scripted: Prominent Evangelical creates Robot Spiritualism in effort to save religion (non-religious now the largest…)

Scripted: Obesity spikes (Job crisis because of robots)

Scripted: Major Chinese cyberattack (China has not fragmented)

Scripted: Major Russian cyberattack (Russia has not fragmented)

Scripted: Major Polish cyberattack (Poland is superpower)

Scripted: Major resource deposits charted in Solar System (requires fossil fuels depleted and space colonization possible)

Scripted: Major Japanese cyberattack (Japan is superpower)

Scripted: Major Turkish cyberattack (Turkey is a superpower)

Scripted: Human-AI Augmentation sees a sharp decline in ignorance as knowledge becomes near automatic (Human-AI Augmentation is universal---makes LW Pop and RW Pop lose their appeal)

Scripted: Most Americans are multi-racial for the first time in History (Algorithms dominate popular...occurred)

Scripted: Controversy over Robot Scientists Paying $1 million per human test subjects

Scripted: Social Media Baron proposes that Social Media to form new governments, allowing people to select the government they like best.

Scripted: Robot Intellectual gives major speech declaring that AI-regulated anarchy should replace human government as the most efficient government, including the UN (UN calls for increased power)

Scripted: Surgery Invented to reverse sex changes

Scripted: First practical Nuclear Fusion Reactor created

Scripted: Nanotechnology develops into groundbreaking healthcare technology

Scripted: Nanotechnology Terrorist Hack Attack by Unknown Cyber Terrorists (can lead to War on NanoTerrorism)

Legislative Proposals

Legis: Keep America American Act (View of America as a global civilization predominates)

Legis: Robot Rights (Boom in sentient robot technology)

Legis: Robot Regulation

Legis: Ban Reverse Sex Change surgery (invention required)

Legis: Ban Social Media from creating sovereign nation’s (social media baron proposes)

Legis: Make obesity a criminal offense (obesity spikes)

Legis: Criminalize misinformation by news media and social media outlets.

Legis: Ban Corporations from becoming sovereign countries (Wealthiest American declares…)

Legis: Increased UN Treaty (UN calls for increased power)

Legis: UN Becomes World Government Treaty (UN aim to be world government--ends the game)

Legis: Universal Human-AI Augmentation

Legis: Fund cure for Cancer

Legis: Fund Climate Control Technology (Scientists declare Climate Battle)

Legis: Free Housing for all Act

Legis: Ban Most Algorithms (decline in free thought occurs)

Legis: Free Transportation for all Act

Legis: Maximal Welfare for Seniors (Seniors dominate has occurred)

Legis: Ban human cloning (req: China makes breakthrough in Human cloning)

Legis: Ban Human-AI augmentation (invented)

Legis: Fund Human-AI augmentation (invented)

Legis: Fund human cloning (req: China makes breakthrough in Human cloning

Legis: Ban Robot Technology (makes robot legis, actions, inactive)

Legis: Fund Colonization of Space (Technology to colonize space available)

Legis: Colonize Space (may lead to World War III or War with China or Russia)

Legis: Robot-Era Social Welfare and Healthcare Package (Required Robot Era Workforce crisis)

Legis: Replace entire Military officer corps with single AI-Augmented General-in-Chief (AI-Augmentation invented and robot soldiers replace humans)

Legis: Manned Mission to Mars (Pres calls for mission to Mars)

Legis: Instant Citizenship for Immigrants (required population decline crisis)


Presidential Actions:

Pres Action: Call for Colonization of Space

Pres Action: Convert to entirely non-human army, aside of military officers (Robot soldiers now available)

Pres Action: Order complete US withdrawal from the Middle East

Pres Action: Encourage Mexican immigration (required population decline crisis)

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I've already texted you a couple ideas on this today, but just had a new one:  "The Big Project".

Declaring "Big Projects" would be a Presidential Action -- think Kennedy declaring that we would go to the moon.  "We do these things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard," and the challenge is "one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win."

But declaring a big project would only be available to a certain kind of President (Maybe those with 4-5 Command Points, and/or Leadership?).  And maybe can't be declared during a crisis?  Or maybe some would only be available DURING a crisis.

There would be a list of Big Projects to choose from, limited by era.  Options might include "Man on the Moon," "Build the Wall", "Mission to Mars"  "Polio Vaccine", "New Deal" "Contain the Communists", "Desegregation", "Free the Slaves", "Control the Seven Seas", "Reconstruction", "Election Reform", "Cure Cancer", these are just a few off the top of my head.  

Each would contain multiple goals, each of which might require legislative, judicial, military, etc support.  Just making the declaration isn't enough -- you're going to have to lead a coalition, perhaps even a bipartisan one, to achieve your goal.  

It might take longer than your Presidency lasts...Kennedy didn't live long enough to actually see a man on the moon, and Trump is unlikely to be around if/when the Wall is ever finished.  But once all of the goals from your Big Project are completed, both the initial President who made the declaration and the sitting President when it is finally achieved will get $$$$$$$$ Legacy Points  (this means a President who both declares a Big Project and actually accomplishes it before leaving office will get twice as many points).  

Legacy points would be converted into actual points, but also used to determine lists of the Best President of all time.

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Some scripted event ideas:

The War in Donbass develops into a full-scale war.

The EU becomes a single nation.

The UK is dissolved into several nations (Scotland, England...)

The Troubles in Northern Ireland are re-emerging, developing either into a United Ireland, a fully into the UK integrated Northern Ireland or a paramilitary warfare.


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50 minutes ago, ConservativeElector2 said:

Some scripted event ideas:

The War in Donbass develops into a full-scale war.

The EU becomes a single nation.

The UK is dissolved into several nations (Scotland, England...)

The Troubles in Northern Ireland are re-emerging, developing either into a United Ireland, a fully into the UK integrated Northern Ireland or a paramilitary warfare.


Scripted Events, as stated, are what I need the least of. Those are pretty full. I need way, way more legis props and pres actions. 

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26 minutes ago, ConservativeElector2 said:

Yeah that's probably the area I am less creative in. I'll think about it.

Basically one way to think about it is:

1) What do you think a president can do and will do about future events (maybe as a reaction to some of the scripted events above). 

2) What kind of laws might be proposed in regards to these future events. 

When I have time, I'm going to try and see how all the Special Interests, Ideologies, Lobbies, Industries  might react to future events as a way of figuring some of these out. Currently, Era of Independence is quite full but Era of the Future is going to seem very empty outside of Scripted Events. 

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Perhaps it’s already a legislation for the modern era rather than the future, but could there be a piece of legislation to Ban Facial Recognition and other similar technologies?

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14 minutes ago, Rezi said:

Perhaps it’s already a legislation for the modern era rather than the future, but could there be a piece of legislation to Ban Facial Recognition and other similar technologies?

Good idea.

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- Mandatory vaccines/vaccine freedom of choice.  Not just COVID.  As a parent, the question of mandatory vaccines is a hot button topic.  (My wife and I are for it, and ruled out daycares, etc, if they did not require vaccines.  Other parents feel passionately in the other direction, so it's a hotly debated topic).

 - Pay Equality for Women (or the opposite, a deregulation of salary oversights)

- Pay Equality/workplace protections for LGBTQ (or the opposite, some kind of "Bakers can bake for whoever they want, and reserve the right to reject any potential client for any reason" type bill.  A "Religious freedom for business owners" or something like that.

- Protect Democracy in (enter country here).  This orders a report on an area of potential violence/military activity, which could perhaps require the President to act on.

-Legalize/Ban/Regulate/De-Regulate flying cars

- Legalize/Ban/Regulate/De-Regulate driverless cars

 - Legalize/Ban/Regulate/De-Regulate companies like Air BnB, Uber, Doordash...I'm not sure how to categorize all of those together into one industry, but there's been back and forth on how these companies operate.

- Requiring religious organizations to pay taxes/giving them more protections

- Social media regulation/de-regulation

A bit of googling took me to this site of real proposals that are coming down the track in congress https://www.govtrack.us/events/coming-up

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On 4/8/2021 at 2:47 AM, vcczar said:

The two Koreas reunify (China Fragments)

China fragments?

However, the ideas are interesting.

On 4/9/2021 at 12:48 AM, vcczar said:

Scripted Events, as stated, are what I need the least of. Those are pretty full. I need way, way more legis props and pres actions. 

 - How about overturning the Sonny Bono law concerning extending of copyright? Or create a copyright for Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intellectual Property Act?

 - Transhumanism ideology?

 - Fund research into making the temperature of the Earth go down. If this bill passes, and the research succeeds, we can try the new technology on Mercury and Venus.

 - Equal pay for Robots

 - Equal pay for extraterrestrials

 - Bill to fund exploration of black holes. Blue Party, Some Red Party members, human rights activists, and Robo-rights activists strongly object. However, Red Party, some Blue Party members, some human rights activists (only if robots are the ones who go), and some Robo-rights activists (only if humans are the ones who go) support the bill.

 - Bill for the funding of digital libraries

 - Apologize to the Native Americans and pay reparations in both money and land

 - Apologize to the African-Americans and pay reparations

 - Voting rights for Robots

 - Voting rights for Extraterrestrials and vice versa

 - Bill proposed by a Robot congress, or a declaration by a Robo-President that all robots are no longer slaves of humans.

 - Bill to ban meat (Blue Party)

 - Bill to ban vegetables (Satire by Red Party)

 - An act to ban robots from voting or an act that is intended to suppress the votes of robots.

 - Similar act on extraterrestrials

 - Make bitcoin a part of the currency (some Libertarian folks have called for this, I think. So a Libertarian Republican might try to make this bill pass)

 - Ban off-planet drilling (Blue Party proposes this to conserve the environment in space)

 - Universal Basic Income bill

 - Ban political parties (Ends the game, but you get benefits in score?)

 - Bill to make Palau a state.

 - Radical: Bill to abolish Wall Street. Economy totally collapses.

 - Bill to forgive all student debt

 - Bill to make robots and extraterrestrials pay taxes

 - Bill by robot or extraterrestrial to inject questionable vaccine (objected to by medical experts) into humans for experimentation

 - Bill to abolish taxes

 - Bill to legalize all drugs (this is likely to happen in the future whether we like it or not)1

 - Voting rights for Humans (in case, Robots take Human voting rights away)

 - Classifying the KKK, White Supremacists, etc. as terrorists if they haven't already

 - War on Mars (because oil is discovered)

 - There will be some opposition to the UN, so some might propose a bill leaving the UN (or even a referendum. Amerexit - but I don't know of a better name)

 - Some left wingers will call for nanotechnology to be universally available? Nanocare For All Act?

 - Will fossil fuels be banned?

 - What about Nuclear energy?

 - Will there be a treaty about the resources in the Moon, Mars, etc. like the treaty concerning Arctic resources?

 - Robocare for All

 - Abolish cash, and establish a digital income

 - Unite with Canada and Mexico (This one might be too far, and it's game over, but it helps your score perhaps?)

 - Abolish the Electoral College

 - Abolish paper ballots.

 - President makes obscure declaration which no one pays attention to, which indirectly implies that robots will be used to spy on citizens for the sake of National Security

 -  President Executive Order to have a microchip with his name on it implanted into every human on the forehead or right hand. A nightmare bill.

 - Humans will not participate in counting ballots. Robots will?

 - Bill for adding Technology/AI Technology as a school subject

 - Bill for funding the research of energy sources in space.

 - Keeping weapons from robots. Who knows how they will use them!

 - Instant Citizenship for Extraterrestrials (Blue Party)

 - Treaty with Extraterrestrials (The conspiracy theorist Milton Bill Cooper claimed without proof that Eisenhower did this. Of course, that is highly doubtful.)

 - Exploration of the Andromeda Galaxy using space probe

 - President declaration of a "Manifest Destiny" for settling in the entire universe.

 - Build a force to keep Extraterrestrials out (Red Party)

 - Defense spending bill against hostile Robots

 - End Human Testing Act

 - Declaration on the War against Roboterror

 - Bill for banning corporations (Some left-wingers.)

 - Declaration to end all wars (Some treaty U.S. and all other countries sign)

 - Ban copyrighting life-saving drugs bill

 - Monuments for Robot heroes, especially a monument to the first robot in history.

 - Monument to the man who coined the word "robot"

 - Some hard right wingers go further and bring in a ban on all cloning

 - The President declares that Scientology is the official religion (a nightmare)

 - The President bans a religion, or bans all religion (another nightmare)

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48 minutes ago, Patine said:

I've given a lot of my cheery views of the likely future unless the great, self-serving, bloated, apathetic, corrupt, and soulless engines of power and wealth at the top levels in the world can actually be convinced their long-standing regimes failed forms, methods, and views of governance and ways of managing, and their endless greed, corruption, cronyism, and putting themselves above the common good and the laws that bind others need to be gotten beyond for ALL - including themselves - to flourish and survive in the long-run, or these powers-that-be can be replaced entirely by those who give a damn and be held accountable to those they govern. If either of these things cannot be done, I do indeed see a bleak future in the long-term. And the toxic ideal of Nationalism has to eventually be shed by every nation or aspirant nation - we're reaching the point where we realistically thrive or suffer as a SPECIES - not as individual nations with petty, self-serving policies endlessly spiting and maligning each other. Such lines of thought are becoming unviable, and should be given up as the backward thinking of more primitive and barbaric times they are.

"Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of Mankind." - Albert Einstein

Didn’t read this whole thing but I agree that nationalism is mostly toxic. I think the olympics doesn’t really help with that either. Better to have mixed teams. 

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