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1789 Elections for the Confederate States of America


CSA Election of 1789  

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  1. 1. For President, who would you vote for?

    • Thomas Jefferson/Nathaniel Macon (Jeffersonian)
    • Scattered (Jefferson is so popular no faction offers any organized opposition)
  2. 2. House Elections

  3. 3. Senate

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Following the results of the Constitutional Convention, it is election time in the CSA. Following the breakup of the nation, George Washington retires from public life in despair over the fact that the country he fought to free would so quickly break up. After his retirement, this left Founding Father Thomas Jefferson as a soon in for the Presidency, only opposed by the most radical of electors.

Though the constitution of the Confederacy did not ban political parties Southerners are still reluctant to embrace partisanship. However, this has not stopped certain identifiable factions from emerging, see below for details.

The Jeffersonians, taking inspiration form their leader Thomas Jefferson, fight for greater suffrage, westward expansion, limited government and agrarianism. They are easily the largest faction in the CSA.

The Fire Eaters, fiercely populist, expansionist, and deeply committed to white supremacy, the Fire Eaters believe America should expand not just west, but also south into New Spain, and the Caribbean as well. 

The High Tories are made up mostly of the aristocratic landed elite of the south. They are dedicated to ensuring the existence of slavery, expanding slavery westward, facilitating free trade, and preventing the empowerment of women, poor white men, and colored people.

The Nationalists are the few confederates in favor of greater industrialization, and a strong nation state. They are the faction most ambivalent to the slave issue.

The Quids are hardline Jeffersonians, who oppose centralization of power, a standing army, most forms of revenue generation, and any form of government debt.


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I voted Nationalists, because they were the most "ambivalent" on slavery, so I assumed they might be the best among the choices, though the Jeffersonians might be better...

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Presidential Results:

Jefferson Landslide

House Results:

Jeffersonians: 16

Quids: 5

Nationalists: 5

High Tories: 3

Fire Eaters: 3

Senate Results:


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