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As @vcczar asked us to do in the chat, I'm taking an extreme speed run of the future era.  Not particularly following the rules at all, skipping most phases, just testing out event chains.  Making up rules for how to super-quick simulate the things that matter.

2024:  Republican South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem becomes the first female President of the United States.  Ohio Senator Rob Portman is her Vice President.  Republicans take the Senate but Democrats still have the House.
- Devastating hurricane hits Puerto Rico.  
- Scandalous President: Noem's scandals will lead to re-election challenges.
- Calls for "Return to Normalcy"
- Major Oil Spill
- Major Economic Protests -- Quality of Life falls to (4)
- FBI moves in on major criminal enterprise...but it backfires.  -1 Domestic Stability (4)
- Half the animals that existed in 2020 are extinct (Note to @vcczar This needs some kind of prereq, this is the second test where half the animals on Earth are dropping dead in two years. Haha).
- Rising Sea Levels make the Gulf Coast Cities uninhabitable.  Economic stability drops to a Great Recession.
- US Supreme Court Building Renamed after a Conservative justice
- Rename Veterans Affairs Building after Conservative General
- Rename Capital Reflecting Pool after Conservative President

2026: Democrats keep the House and retake the Senate.
- Montana hit by major drought
- Race Riots -- Domestic Stability falls by 2 (2, threats of rebellion!)
- Climate control technology becomes available!
- Rename the White House
- Ban Crypto and other digital currencies -- Economic Stability +1 into a recession.
- Mandate Self-Driving Cars by Banning Human-Driven Cars 
- Create Universal Federal ID with Mandate
- Rename the Building that Houses the US Dept of Energy
- Direct Democracy In The Post Internet World -- Honest Government +1

2028: Joe Sestak-Evan Bayh vs. Noem-Portman:  Noem is re-elected, and wins the House and Senate!

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2028: Joe Sestak-Evan Bayh vs. Noem-Portman:  Noem is re-elected, and wins the House and Senate!
- Cyber Attack
- Increase in Cyber Crimes

- Rising Sea Levels Make West Coast Cities Uninhabitable - Domestic Stability falls to the lowest level, open rebellion!
- Robot Controversy:  Robot technology is booming, creating fears of job losses and possibly an eventual less human world. More and more robot technology advocates seem to be tone deaf to human concerns, even oblivious of the chances that their technology could mean the end of human civilization if safe guards aren't in place. Quality of Life falls to 3.  Domestic stability would fall but it's as bad as it can get.
- Regulate Data Encryption
- Rename Dept of Transportation Building
- Name Treasury Building

2030:  Democrats reclaim House and Senate.  
- Major wildfire in Idaho
- Nationalist March
- Jobs lost to other countries overseas
- Military Court Martial
Non-religious now the largest “religion” demographic in the United States.   The latest surveys and polls of the last 10 years make it clear that the United States, on a whole, is a non-religious nation. Those embracing a religion, even when added together with spiritual non-religious Americans, make up just under 50%, An average of 51% of Americans declare themselves both non-religious and non-spiritual.
- Legalize euthanasia nationwide
- National Daycare System
- Mandate Microchipping and Barcoding Citizens

2032: Andrew Yang-Richard Ojeda vs. Donald Trump Jr-Lindsey Graham.  Yang-Gang wins!  Democrats also keep the House and Senate.
-  Cyber Attack
- Washington experiences major drought
- Major Oil Spill.  Earth's health drops by 1.
- Race Riots.  Yang send in National Guard.  Party Preference +1 Red.  
- Military Court Martial
- Microchips In Pets to allow them to speak
Social Media Baron proposes that Social Media form new governments, allowing people to select the government they like best.   The new leading social media baron, S. Sylvester Sandwich, known for very controversial, idealistic statements, has proposed that social media replace current forms of government. He argued that if social media companies formed sovereign governments that people could choose the government they wish to be part of and invest in, and they could leave a government for another if they feel that their chosen government did not work for them. Sandwich states that all such governments would likely have to mandate that a government be selected, to avoid a preference for statelessness. Sylvester argues that such government would never see warfare, and the competition would increase the efficiency and benevolence of the governments.
- Remove religious symoblism from Federal buildings
- Apply Bill or Rights and Voting Suffrage to Citizens in Space (there technically aren't any citizens in Space, but there's no prereqs so I guess we're being proactive here)
- Rename the Pentagon "Cool Math Building"

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