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Ukrainian Counterattack scatters Russian defense in Kharkiv


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(Held off from posting yesterday because of obvious reasons)

Ukraine has started a counterattack in the southern Kherson region as of a week or two ago. A couple days ago, a new, more interesting development happened. A sudden, unbroadcasted counterattack hit the Russian forces in the Kharkiv region, which borders the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. The Ukrainians advanced with speed, and are now on the outskirts of the key hub of Kupyansk. Now there's reports that Ukraine is beginning full-frontal assaults on Lyman and Izyum, which are huge Russian force concentrations. In three days, Ukraine has recaptured over 1,000 sq. km of its territory in the region and doesn't appear to be slowing.


Map of the Area


Ukrainian Soldiers outside of Kupyansk


Locals greeting liberating Ukrainian soldiers in Kharkiv oblast


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Russia bombed several key infrastructure targets in Kharkiv, Poltava, Dnipro and Sumy as presumed vengeance for what happened in Kharkiv oblast. In all four, they were without power for some time. Kharkiv is still without power and water. President Zelenskyy had this to say about the strikes


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