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2024 Primary  

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  1. 1. Democratic Primary

    • Joe Biden
    • Gavin Newsom
    • Kamala Harris
    • Bernie Sanders
    • Hillary Clinton
    • Al Franken
    • Matthew McConaughey
  2. 2. Republican Primary

    • Donald Trump
    • Ron De Santis
    • Mike Pence
    • Greg Abbot
    • Mitt Romney
    • Ted Cruz
    • Nikki Haley

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28 minutes ago, SilentLiberty said:

@vcczar(and honestly anyone can be open discussion of course) do you think Franken can make a political come back? Do you think he tries to? I think more and more people don't really think he should have resigned to begin with so that could bode well for him.

I think he’s both really smart and really funny. Could easily humiliate any of the GOP nomes with humor, except maybe Nikki Haley. I don’t think he returns to politics though. Franken was my preference in 2016 before anyone was running. 

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Sanders is easily my preference policy-wise, but at this point, I don't want him to run. I'd want the next nominee to be somebody we could reasonably expect to serve two terms, and it's not at all reasonable to expect someone to be able to serve past their 91st birthday. With that being said, I really can't think of any politician with any amount of name recognition that I would actually happily support for the Democratic nomination. AOC might be the closest, but I don't think she's actually electable. Sherrod Brown is another name that comes to mind, but then Dems would lose his seat in the Senate, and he's not as preferable to me policy-wise. My number one choice would probably be some lower-level politician that I'm not thinking of and wouldn't actually have any chance of running, let alone winning. But out of those listed here, I'd probably pick Franken. 

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