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Peaceful Hitler vs Bismarck


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Why would he retire?  He'd already invaded the Rhineland and Austria and the Munich agreement basically allowed him to take Czechoslovakia without a fight.  Everyone other than Neville Chamberlain realized that his pattern of ignoring treaties would eventually have to be met by force.

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2 hours ago, DakotaHale said:

Had Hitler retired after the Munich Conference (and his successor avoided war) where would he rank as a uniter of German people? Would he be above or below Bismarck?

plight is right in that it makes no sense for Hitler to just up and retire following his actions in Rhineland and Austria. He would've kept annexing lands until he was met with force. But hypothetically, if he just up and retired, Bismarck is still by and far the better unifier of the German state. You have to realize Bismarck literally founded the German state as we know it, and drove the national ideas and self-determination of that state. Hitler, before the war, was good at electrifying the public and fixing the state after the depression, but he didn't really unify anything, especially to the degree that Bismarck did.

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