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Question about Israel and Palestine


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What do you think would happen if a president gave this declaration:

  • We will suspend foreign aid to Israel and Palestine until a two-state solution is agreed by both people.
  • Palestine will also need to publicly announce the disbanding of the politic-military party Hamas in order to get foreign aid from the US following the peace agreement. 
  • Jerusalem will become a free city patrolled by UN peacekeeping forces instead of by Israeli or Palestinian forces or police. The revenue from Jerusalem will go to Jerusalem with any surplus going to either Israel or Palestine or to both, depending on the agreement for a two-state solution. 
  • Until a two-state solution is agreed to, we will not supply military aid, except in the case of a land invasion. In which case, we will support the side being invaded. 
  • Following a two-state solution, any missiles fired from Israel or Palestine to the other will be considered an attack by one sovereign nation to another. The US response to aggression will be much stronger than it has been historically. 
  • If Israel or Palestine feel the need for a preemptive attack, they must first provide a legitimate rationale for such an attack with either the US or the UN. Either body will decide if such a preemptive attack is just or unnecessary. 
  • The territory hashed out in the two-state solution cannot change. Any annexation will not be recognized. The US and allies will intervene if any land-grabbing takes place by either Israel or Palestine. 
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Personally, I sometimes think that the world should not tell Israel or Palestine what to do. I doubt it changes anything or makes the situation better.

(But everyone has their strongly held opinions on this issue, so agree to disagree.)

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