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Russia to hold referendums in occupied Ukrainian territories this coming weekend


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Russian-held territories in eastern and southern Ukraine will be holding referenda this coming week and weekend to join Russia itself. It bears no need to repeat that these referenda will be shams, with large masses of voters being pushed to western Ukraine or even to their death by Russia itself. Those that are left behind will be pressured to vote to join Russia, or Russia will simply make up a result that is favorable to itself. The method itself doesn't matter - the result will be the same. 

Russian occupation authorities in Luhansk and Donetsk are panicking because of Ukrainian counteroffensives that are ongoing. The liberation of Lyman, which is unconfirmed as of now, would dislodge Russian defenses in Donetsk oblast and would open up the road to Lysychansk and Severodonetsk, liberating two large cities in Luhansk. These referenda are a result of that panic. A large Ukrainian force sits at Vuhledar, north of Mariupol. Ukrainian counteroffensives continue in the Kherson region, making slow - but steady, progress. 

Russia's conscription will add nothing more to the conflict but more bodies. It will not fix supply line problems. It will not fix a lack of air superiority. They will not destroy Ukrainian HIMARs. All it will do is add more bodies to the bloody pile. 

A last gasp of Russian desperation. 


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