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RP announcement + 1788 opening

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I had an idea for new slow paced RP in which we'd start in 1788. The Republic was just founded and there are many uncertainties.

Each person who wants to participate picks a politician who could have run in that election (there is no need to participate in each election - just at your convenience).

To keep some realism these picks should also be viable politicians from that era - just ask me if you are not sure. Each non-picked historical person who got on the ballot or who were according to Wikipedia/Vcczar's PI scenarios under consideration in an election gets a die roll (D6).

Historical candidates who did in fact run, are also running if they score a die between 2-6. If they roll a 1 they are out. People who were under consideration and did not run eventually, will need a 6 roll to get on the ballot. For re-election campaigns the necessary die numbers will be altered so there is some realism.

After I have determined all the candidates I'll post all running people in a forum poll. From 1800 on with a primary poll (if needed) first . That's where you guys are coming into the play again. You have to vote for your preferred candidates in the primaries and after let's say 24 hours the general election will be rolled with a +2 advantage for the RL winning party (as people are allowed to vote in each main party primary it wouldn't matter if people are voting for their one candidate). Maybe I will post a Senate and House vote between the two parties like @WVProgressive does as well - but that's just a fun option. The impact won't be here.

If we can't fill all candidate slots in a primary it's fine. The non-picked candidates won't probably win and if they do, the person who received the second-most votes in the primary can play the candidate if elected.

If elected, you'll have just two tasks. Pick your preferred cabinet and supreme court justices (if there are any vacancies in your term). These vacancies are determined by real-life death dates and a D100 roll for each member to resign/die early (if rolls are between 1-10). After you name your picks, we may have a 24 hour poll to confirm the picks (as long as we are not going into full-opposition mode).

A half of the voting people should count as confirming. Lastly I'll keep track of the history in a spreadsheet, which I'll have to design. If someone skilled could assist me it would be great. If not I could set it up myself I guess. Any recommendations or feedback would be nice (we can always alter things not working. The republic is still young 😉 ). As you all know I am full time student with 3 to 7 hours of courses each day and homework, essays and so on. So please be patient if I have an exam or something like that.


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Let's test it out by announcing your 1788 candidate, if you want to participate. You have got about 24 hours to submit your candidacy.

@Beetlejuice @Cal @Cenzonico @DakotaHale @Dobs @Edouard @Fbarbarossa @Hestia @jnewt @JohnGRobertsJr @Kitten @Magnus Rex @Mishfox @MrPotatoTed @pilight @Pringles @Rezi @Rodja @Sean F Kennedy @The Blood @Timur @vcczar @WVProgressive @Zenobiyl

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I'd like to be Thomas Paine.

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I think I'll have to pull out. The forum is taking too much time off my daily life.

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