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  1. 1. Regarding moderation on this forum, how do you feel the issue of free speech is handeled?

    • The forum has moderated free speech too loosely, and there needs to be more moderation against hate speech, harassment etc.
    • The forum has handled the issue of free speech well
    • The forum needs to do more to protect free speech
    • Other (explain below if you want)

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  • 2 weeks later...
6 hours ago, Patine said:

I have found free speech is protected selectively and with obvious and conspicuous bias between posters by moderators on this forum.

During the months that you were banned we did not have a single issue with anyone on the forum. It was peace and comaraderie. 

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We made clear rules ahead of content moderation that posts could be deleted if they crossed a line - that's the whole point in why it was set up. In response to no provocation or post, Patine, you have continually insulted members of the forum for no reason other than a long-standing grievance. I made the call and invited moderators to reverse it by copying and saving the content to be posted if someone decided to overrule me. They did not. 

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@PatineWell, now that you’ve revealed your true colours as an enemy of justice for all, an enemy of accountability of Government, an enemy of the rule of law, an enemy of opposition to ALL abuses, atrocities, and crimes of state by ANY Government, an enemy of you Republic, Constitution, nation, and the principles it was founded, and - yes - an EXTREMIST because of this, I will now treat you as what you have unveiled yourself, here to be, in debate, and I enjoin everyone else on this forum who has any sense of reason, ethics, justice, and moral fibre, to do the same. You have just outed yourself as the unhinged extremist trying, in vain, to do it to me - because ONLY an unhinged extremist would possibly support the ideals you’ve admitted to — and all the monstrous consequences that come of it - as being not only acceptable, but right... 

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I want to say it's been about 5+ months since I gave up on any attempt to have a rational conversation with Patine. I'm pretty sure he thought I didn't have it in me, as most of his insults in the past were directed at me, not V and the moderators like it is now. But nevertheless, I don't know what's in store for the future, however, I want to tell you Patine, that I hope you get some help some day. I hope whatever causes you to act like this gets addressed in a positive way. I believe in second chances, I believe people can change. I used to be a very toxic person in the past and for that I am ashamed, it's something I'm pretty open about outside the forum actually.  You may still think I am, and that's fine. But the worst of what you saw in me was only a reaction to you. I hope one day you'll look back and just see what a needless clown show all of this was, and I hope one day you'll realize that we're all humans who are different, we may disagree, we may not even like each other, hell, borderline hate each other perhaps. But we're not evil. You're not evil. I'm not evil. I'm not in a cult. I've been a part of this community I've come to love for the last 2 years.

On the note of change, I fear that the many times it's been attempted concerning your behavior here has failed. It's clearly evident. It's caused arguments not only between you and the forum, but among forum members in general. There's people here right now that aren't you that I perhaps am not so fond of. It's a human thing after all... But you know what's the difference? We move on. We carry on. You just can't let it go. The period of your ban was the most peaceful the forum has ever been since it's existed. And I'll end it on that note. 

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Aside from my one sentence in this thread, I don’t think I’ve directed a single comment at him directly or indirectly since he returned from his previous ban. 

As much as I’d want to celebrate his ban by responding to him in kind, I won’t do that. I won’t patine Patine. 

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