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Top 25 NFL Pass Catchers


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Hutson and Rice are 3x higher in algorithm points than #3 Alworth. That is, they're tier 1. There is no tier 2. The rest are tier 3. Unlike with the QBs and RBs. There is an issue with WRs in that until about 1945, there's actually very few people primarily catching passes. While QBs threw the ball, it seems like they generally spread the ball around. Hutson was the first primary receiver and this shows as he wracked up Recs, Yards, TDs in a way that no one else did. He created the position. He's like the George Washington of WRs in the sense that Washington created the presidency.

Starting at about 1988, we have a flourishing of great WRs so that a lot of WRs aren't scoring too many points. For this reason, Rice barely lost to Hutson, but while Hutson only had to deal with two rivals as all-pro WRs. Rice is dealing without about 10 who became all-pro at one point or anothing. 

Gronkowski is the greatest TE in history. 

Note Sterling Sharpe at #13. He's kind of like the Terrell Davis of WR in that he was dominant. In fact, I'd argue he was better than Jerry Rice in the two or three seasons he was in his prime. His career-ending injury ended the career of the WR who would have definitely been 3rd on this list at least. I expect Kupp to get to at least where Antonio Brown is at some point.  

Moss, Brown, Gronkowski, and Welker are all Tom Brady WRs. Both of Otto Graham's primary WRs are on this list. 

Raymond Berry was Unitas's WR and kind of seen as the best WR since Hutson and before Rice, according to a lot of NFL historians. I have Pihos and Speedie ahead of him.

My personal list would have Rice ahead of Hutson. Then probably Harrison at #3. 

Hutson and Rice are tier 1

There is no tier 2. Because a massive gap in points.

Alworth through St Sharpe are tier 3, then there's a slight gap in points. 

The rest on this list are tier 4. 


Hutson, D 1
Rice, J 2
Alworth 3
Harrison, M 4
Pihos 5
Speedie 6
Moss, R 7
Brown, Antonio 8
Berry, R 9
Owens, T 10
Gronkowski 11
Branch, C 12
Sharpe, St 13
Hennigan, Ch 14
Johnson, Calvin 15
Kupp 16
Benton, Jim 17
Taylor, Lionel 18
Jones, Julio 19
Lavelli 20
Johnson, Andre 21
Welker, Wes 22
Irvin, M 23
Warfield 24
Maynard, D 25
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12 hours ago, jvikings1 said:

Calvin Johnson, another wasted Lions career which ended too soon. He'd be much higher if he had stuck around for his entire prime.

Yeah, that's true. Imagine if he was on another team? Yeah, he's the only Rec in the top 25 who spent his entire career on a terrible team. 

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