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1 hour ago, vcczar said:

The Irish one reminds me that I made a Prime Minister election for the year 1872 or something like that. Forgot the exact year. It was awhile back. 

It was 1874, and Patine, NYRepublican and MBDemSoc were helping you

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Here is an the progress update:

1) Canada 1921 scenario is ready if you want to try it out before publishing it in campaigns.270soft, PM me or write to my e-mail (vjwivasyuk@gmail.com). I assure you that this is an interesting historical scenario. After that, I start working on another election, also significant, which took place in the past in relation to 1921. 

2) This week I also worked on a scenario based on Doggerland discord election sim. And I made it in just three days (sic!) Of course, I had to sacrifice the names of candidates and some other minor things. But this scenario turned out to be similar in spirit to the Congress, only with a tougher struggle, where a few percent affect the whole country. Btw this happens in 1976!

3) I decided to make changes to the ads, reducing their number to 8. This will avoid billboard spamming, a very fun national sport. Also, the momentum among endorsements is set at a minimum. Although, this is not a panacea for the 20-level momentum, it is necessary to pray to the gods 😉

I hope to return in about a month (maybe sooner) with news, stay tuned!

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Hi again, there should have been some progress news here, but I'm swamped with studies and other projects. As an exception, I finalized 1921, or rather party affiliations. And they are wild! What to say about Protectionist-Farmer-Labour in Nova Scotia or Liberal-Labour-Soldier in Ontario? I hope to find time to finish it. If you're interested, PM me or write by email!

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