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Hi, I somehow managed to register here, so I will get straight to the point. I have been playing 270soft games since about 2012, changing and making scenarios, but only in the last two years I have reached an acceptable level for myself. So I'm ready to show them to you, forum members. What do I have now?

Canada - 1921


Description: Canadian society coped with the difficulties of the conscription crisis of 1917. However, the end of the Great War brought new challenges. These included rising unemployment and the decline of industry, but most importantly, the frustration of farmers. The Liberals after Laurier's death entered the election guided by leadership of Mackenzie King. Arthur Meighen is at a disadvantage both in party and government terms. And the Progressives, who support free trade for Western farmers, rely on a decentralized organization. Who will get a majority in the restored Parliament Hill, and will there be one at all?
Status: Completed

Ireland - 1918


Description: Turning times are coming to Ireland. Over the last 8 years, much has been done to dramatically change society's views on the future. Will post-war elections be the trigger on the path to independence? Or maybe Sinn Fein's popularity will play a nasty joke on it in favour of Unionists?
Status: Published

Alberta - 1935 (original scenario by Patine)


Description: Things have not been kind for the governing United Farmers of Alberta since the re-election of their Premier, John E. Brownlee in 1930. First, Brownlee himself has become embroiled in a sex scandal, forcing his resignation in 1934. Second, the party has done an abysmal job of managing the global economic crisis of the Great Depression, which has hit Alberta very hard indeed. And third, the new political advocacy group called the "Alberta Social Credit Association", mixing fundamentalist Christian social values and the new-style economic policy of British author Maj. Douglas has emerged formed in 1932, hoping to use Social Credit monetary ideology and social conservative values to combat the hardships of the Depression. It very much looks like the end of the UFA government - but politics is not always predictable...
Status: Completed

Saskatchewan - 1944 (original scenario by SaskGuy)


Description: With Canada in the midst of World War II, the Liberals extended their term to six years to provide 'stability'.  However, an economy that never recovered from the Depression and poor farming conditions have swung voters towards a young minister with bold new ideas. Can Tommy Douglas take the CCF into power and into history as the first socialist government in North America?
Status: Published

Quebec - 1944 (original scenario by graemp)


Description: A new great war and the issue of conscription of Franco-Canadians threatened the unity of the country. The Quebec Liberals cooperated with the federal government, equating them in public opinion. Saving the position, Godbout nationalizes the Montreal Light Heat and Power Company and grants the female suffrage. The conservative and nationalist Union Nationale stands on Duplessis' charisma and popular discontent. The Bloc Populaire, an amalgamation of three separate groups, stands with anti-conscription and social reformist slogans. What will be the verdict of Quebecers?
Status: Completed

Germany - 1937 (Kaiserreich)


Description: One year after Black Monday, Germany is still in crisis. The rescue measures have reduced support for the right-wing government, opening the gates for both the social democrats and the nationalists. However, fleeting external events such as a coup in Russia, a revitalised Internationale or an imminent war in America could leave their mark on the campaign. In foggy times, who will rule Germany?
Status: In development (In priority)

Doggerland - 1976 (based on polsim)


Description: Doggerland entered turbulence. Crisis in political leadership and internal unrest have increased friction between different groups. Northern separatists from the NPD terrorize the population. Workers desperate from rising inflation and job cuts have resorted to massive strikes. New faces led by Republicans and Liberals are vying for the attention of Doggers. Who will succeed?
Status: Completed

The list will be updated ofc. If you have any questions, please let me know!

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1 hour ago, vcczar said:

The Irish one reminds me that I made a Prime Minister election for the year 1872 or something like that. Forgot the exact year. It was awhile back. 

It was 1874, and Patine, NYRepublican and MBDemSoc were helping you

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Here is an the progress update:

1) Canada 1921 scenario is ready if you want to try it out before publishing it in campaigns.270soft, PM me or write to my e-mail (vjwivasyuk@gmail.com). I assure you that this is an interesting historical scenario. After that, I start working on another election, also significant, which took place in the past in relation to 1921. 

2) This week I also worked on a scenario based on Doggerland discord election sim. And I made it in just three days (sic!) Of course, I had to sacrifice the names of candidates and some other minor things. But this scenario turned out to be similar in spirit to the Congress, only with a tougher struggle, where a few percent affect the whole country. Btw this happens in 1976!

3) I decided to make changes to the ads, reducing their number to 8. This will avoid billboard spamming, a very fun national sport. Also, the momentum among endorsements is set at a minimum. Although, this is not a panacea for the 20-level momentum, it is necessary to pray to the gods 😉

I hope to return in about a month (maybe sooner) with news, stay tuned!

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Hi again, there should have been some progress news here, but I'm swamped with studies and other projects. As an exception, I finalized 1921, or rather party affiliations. And they are wild! What to say about Protectionist-Farmer-Labour in Nova Scotia or Liberal-Labour-Soldier in Ontario? I hope to find time to finish it. If you're interested, PM me or write by email!

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