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Top 50 NFL Defensive Players


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This one took forever. 

Aaron Donald seems like he wants to retire soon, so I doubt he jumps ahead of LT or possibly Lewis. I'd be shocked if JJ Watt moves. Bulldog Turner is the greatest defensive player of the pre-Defensive Stat days. Defenders prior to 1960 are at a huge disadvantage because of a lack of stats. Hutson at #32 is also the WR that's at #1. He's the greatest two-way player in NFL history. Howley at #47 is a candidate to make it to the Hall of Fame this year. If anyone is curious, TJ Watt is in the 50s, and could make this list this year if he doesn't miss too much time and excels. 

Taylor, Lawrence 1
Lewis, Ray 2
White, Reggie 3
Smith, Bruce 4
Donald, Aaron 5
Watt, JJ 6
Lott, Ronnie 7
Singletary, Mike 8
Lambert, Jack 9
Woodson, Rod 10
Turner, Bulldog 11
Page, Alan 12
Schmidt, Joe 13
White, Randy 14
Christiansen, J 15
Robinson, Johnny 16
Adderley, Herb 17
Greene, Joe 18
Ham, Jack 19
Wagner, Bobby 20
Marchetti, Gino 21
George, Bill 22
Sanders, Deion 23
Strahan, Michael 24
Reed, Ed 25
Lilly, Bob 26
Jones, Deacon 27
Kuechly, Luke 28
Davis, Willie 29
Brooks, Derrick 30
Jordan, Henry 31
Hutson, D 32
Eller, Carl 33
Robustelli, A 34
Youngblood, Jack 35
Bednarik 36
Randle, John 37
Ware, DeMarcus 38
Polamalu, T 39
Willis, Patrick 40
Thomas, Zach 41
Seau, Junior 42
Wood, Willie 43
Bell, Bobby 44
Buoniconti, N 45
Hendricks, Ted 46
Howley, Chuck 47
Woodson, Charles 48
Nomellini 49
Allen, Jared 50
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9 minutes ago, jnewt said:

How many players did you calculate this for? I saw Zach Thomas at 41, and it made me wonder where Jason Taylor would be.

About 700 or 800 scored pts.  Taylor is probably somewhere between 51-100. I’m not on my computer right now 

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