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Top 25 NFL Special Teamers


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With the exception of special team tacklers and long snappers, each special teams player had two 5 categories to score points in. 

Lechler and Vinatieri are clear future Hall of Famers. Ray Guy and Morten Andersen are in the HoF. The only other purer STer in the HoF is Jan Stenerud, who didn't make the list. He was in the HoF mainly for longevity and for one SB season. Matthew Slater is the greatest ST tackler of all time and should go to the HoF (His dad is in there as an OT). Lou Groza was the greatest kicker of the 1940s and 1950s, but he was also one of the greatest OTs. I had to strip him of All Pro points because I assume they're more for being the primary blocker for Otto Graham's 10-championship appearances, otherwise Lou Groza tops the list because of All Pros. Patterson is the greatest KR/PR, although Devin Hester has more TDs. Sadly, ST Tackler Steve Tasker doesn't make the list as ST Tacklers didn't get All-Pro awards during his day, but went to 4-straight SBs and was a 7-time Pro Bowler. I don't count Pro Bowls because so many people opt out, which created more Pro Bowl awards to fill up a team, so that award is meaningless. 

The only lists I need to do next are coaches, but I also want to apply All-Purpose Yards for players and rushing yards for QBs.  


Name Rank
Lechler, Shane 1
Vinatieri, Adam 2
Gostkowski, Stephen 3
Tucker, Justin 4
Hekker, Johnny 5
Guy, Ray 6
Patterson, Cordarrelle 7
Groza, Lou 8
Slater, Matthew 9
Landeta, Sean 10
Yepremian, Garo 11
Lee, Andy 12
Hester, Devin 13
Andersen, Morten 14
Moseley, Mark 15
Manders, Jack 16
Akers, David 17
Gillom, Horace 18
Sauerbrun, Todd 19
Blanda, George 20
Horan, Mike 21
Lowery, Nick 22
Bakken, Jim 23
Roby, Reggie 24
Jennings, Dave 25
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5 minutes ago, jvikings1 said:

Justin Tucker is on pace to be the greatest kicker of all time. He has the longest made kick and is the most accurate (right now). He might get the total points record because that takes decades to do, but no one has been better than him in his prime.

Vinatieri and Gostkowski are kind of inflated because they were on NE for so many year, obviously not at the same time. 

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