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1920s NFL Players


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I was kind of toying around with the spreadsheet seeing how an historical NFL simulator might look like. Here's a list of the players considered to be the best players "drafted" in the 1920s.

Let's look at just those "drafted" in 1920. The draft estimates use the A, B, C, D, F grade system, but I've added "S" for some a Super candidate who is seen as a sort of generational player. Jim Thorpe has that "S", but he's also 33 years old. Arc generally won't change. So a player drafting this player would see that Thorpe is generational RB who is pro-ready. Hidden stats are that he will play at peak ability for only 3 years, that he's inconsistent, that he won't play long, and that he has about average durability. He can also coach after retirement. His actual playing abilities will be high, so an inconsistent Thorpe who isn't at peak might be better than 75-90% of players, depending what he's doing. 

Let's just look at the QBs. Both are rated equally as prospects. Conzelman and Driscoll are in the same "draft". Conzelman has the upside of being 3 years younger. Both are pro ready. Durability probably won't be hidden at the draft, so a team owner would see that Driscoll is more durable. Consistency, Peak, and Longevity will be hidden, which allows us to see that Driscoll might be the best pick if you don't want to shop for another QB soon. However, this is not showing the QB passing abilities. 

One issue that would have to be figured out is how to deal with Tom Brady being a 6th round pick and Ryan Leaf being a 2nd overall pick. Basically, I'd want the real NFL situation to occur most of the time, but there needs to be times when Brady develops like a 6th round pick and Leaf like a 2nd round pick. I also want it to be possible for every player to act historically at the same time. I'm thinking what I might do, is have it where Leaf is really Boom or Bust... He has a % chance of being Tom Brady, maybe like 5% chance...enough someone might just take Leaf at #2, since no other QB, other than Manning, has a chance to be generational in that 1998 draft. Brady would then have a high chance of being generationally bad. . I haven't really thought it out yet. Alternatively, I could just have the CPU draft on value, have players always operate historically, but humans would just be smarter drafters having historical insight. There, if it's all set to CPU, Brady will likely be drafted late. If even 1 human is playing, then Brady will probably be taken in the 1st round. 

Anyway, I only did this with these 1920 players so far. Might create something larger if there's interest and any hope of someone picking it up. Just want to do enough to show it to a developer at some point. I wish we could get someone in this forum that could code. 


Full Name Primary Position Alt Pos Can Coach College Height Weight Draft Year Age at Draft Draft Estimate Arc (4 years to peak is norm) Peak Years Consistency Longevity (10 as C) Durability
Jimmy Conzelman QB RB, K, P, Def Yes Washington (MO) 6'0" 175 1920 22 B Pro-Ready 2 B D C
Paddy Driscoll QB RB, K, P, Def Yes Northwestern 5'11" 160 1920 25 B Pro-Ready 8 B C B
Joe Guyon RB K, P, Def No Georgia Tech 5'10" 195 1920 28 B Pro-Ready 2 B D D
Jim Thorpe RB K, P, Def Yes Carlisle Indian 6'1" 202 1920 33 S Pro-Ready 3 D D C
Guy Chamberlin WR RB, Def Yes Nebraska 6'2" 196 1920 26 A Pro-Ready 1 B D B
George Halas WR Def Yes Illinois 6'0" 182 1920 25 B Pro-Ready 2 C C B
Pete Henry T K, P, Def Yes Washington & Jefferson 5'11" 245 1920 23 B Pro-Ready 4 B C B
Ed Healy T G, WR, Def No Dartmouth 6'1" 207 1920 26 B Normal 4 B D C
George Trafton C Def No Notre Dame 6'2" 230 1920 24 B Pro-Ready 6 B B B
Fritz Pollard RB Def Yes Brown 5'9" 165 1920 26 B Pro-Ready 2 B D D
Curly Lambeau RB K, P, Def Yes Notre Dame 5'10" 187 1921 23 B Pro-Ready 2 B D C
Hunk Anderson G C, Def Yes Notre Dame 5'11" 191 1922 24 A Pro-Ready 3 A F D
Link Lyman T Def No Nebraska 6'2" 233 1922 24 C Late Bloomer 4 B B C
Duke Slater T Def No Iowa 6'1" 215 1922 24 B Pro-Ready 7 C C C
Steve Owen T G, Def Yes Phillips 5'10" 237 1924 26 C Normal 4 B C C
Red Grange RB Def No Illinois 6'0" 180 1925 22 A Normal 3 B C C
Johnny Blood RB QB, Def Yes Notre Dame 6'1" 188 1925 22 A Normal 3 C B B
Ernie Nevers FB K, P, Def Yes Stanford 6'0" 204 1926 24 A Pro-Ready 6 A D C
Lavvie Dilweg WR Def No Marquette 6'3" 200 1926 23 B Pro-Ready 3 B D D
Walt Kiesling G T, Def Yes St Thomas 6'3" 260 1926 23 B Late Bloomer 3 B B C
Carl Hubbard T WR, G, Def No Geneva 6'2" 253 1927 27 C Pro-Ready 7 A C B
Mike Michalske G T, Def No Penn St 6'0" 210 1927 24 A Pro-Ready 5 A C B
Red Badgro WR DE No USC 6'0" 191 1927 25 B Normal 2 D C C
Benny Friedman QB RB, DB Yes Michigan 5'10" 183 1927 22 A Pro-Ready 4 B D C
Ken Strong FB RB, DB, K No NYU 6'0" 206 1929 23 A Pro-Ready 5 B A A
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