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21 minutes ago, Chuckstar said:

Preordered a few weeks ago and can’t wait. Just curious what the start date options will be. Have they been finalized yet?


These are the expected start dates because they begin each era, but the start dates could change:

  • 1772-1774 election term
  • 1788-1790 w/ Washington as president
  • 1800-1802 w/ Jefferson
  • 1820-1822 w/ Monroe
  • 1840-1842 w/ WH Harrison
  • 1856-1858 w/ Buchanan
  • 1868-1870 w/ Grant
  • 1896-1898 w/ McKinley
  • 1916-1918 w/ Wilson
  • 1928-1930 w/ Hoover
  • 1948-1950 w/ Truman
  • 1972-1974 w/ Nixon
  • 2000-2002 w/ GW Bush
  • 2012-2014 w/ Obama
  • 2020-2022 or 2024-2026. 
  • Possibility for 2048-2050
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37 minutes ago, Chuckstar said:

Thanks for the reply! Any chance for an 1865 and/or Lincoln lives start date? I’d love to see if I could actually do reconstruction. 

I'm the creator. I tried to push the developer to do a start date at the beginning of every presidential term. However, he argued in favor of when every Era begins. Lincoln's presidency covers the Era of Nationalism, which begins with the 1856-1858 cycle. I'm hoping that the start dates are so easy to create that I can go back to my original plan.

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