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Favorite US Senate State Delegation Poll


Favorite US Senate Delegation Poll  

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  1. 1. Pick your Favorite US Senate State Delegation Poll of the Options Below

    • Alaska - Murkowski & Sullivan
    • Arizona - Sinema & Kelly
    • Georgia - Ossof & Warnock
    • Kentucky - McConnell & Paul
    • Maine - Collins & King
    • Montana - Tester & Daines
    • Ohio - Portman & Brown
    • Pennsylvania - Toomey & Casey
    • South Carolina - Graham & Scott
    • Utah - Lee & Romney
    • West Virginia - Manchin & Capito

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Tough choice for me between Ohio, and Maine, but I simply don't know enough about King's resume of accomplishments to say whether I like him & Collins more than I like Portman & Brown.

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South Carolina for obvious reasons. Even if I prefer one over the other depending on the day. 

Maine and Utah are quite good. Romney and McMullin would be the most epic thing ever though.

West Virginia is great too. Not really a moderate state but two moderate senators.

Montana is cool too.

Georgia is alright. Minus Ossoff.

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