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3000 World Government Parliamentary Election


3000 World General Election  

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  1. 1. Who would you vote for?

    • Technocratic Party
    • Humanist Party
    • Astro Party
    • Transhumanist Party
    • Ecology Party
    • Nationalist Alliance
    • Humanity First
    • Anti-Technology League
    • Other (comment)

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I’m bored in class, so I quickly made a speculative Far future election. Imagine that the world is united into an EU style government, and we’ve made major advancements in space travel, robotics, AI, and other technologies. I can’t help but think I’m missing something important so if you think of a feesable party you want to vote for feel free to comment.

Technocratic Party - A party chiefly concerned with increasing technological advancement

Humanist Party - A party chiefly concerned with caring for the well being of homo-sapiens

Astro Party - A party chiefly concerned with human colonization of the solar system, and beyond.

Transhumanist Party - A more radical offshoot of the Technocratic Party which seeks to rapidly develop technologies which can further human capabilities, with the eventual goal of placing human consciousnesses into super-advanced robotic shells.

Ecology Party - A party chiefly concerned with protecting the natural environment. Believes in the doctrine of nature for nature’s sake

Nationalist Alliance - A party chiefly calling for the breakup of the global government. Vague on all other issues.

Humanity First - A party dedicated to xenophobic (in this case being against alien species, rather than different human cultures), robophobic, and anthropocentric policy.

Anti-Technology League - A party fiercely opposed to technological advancement, wishing to return to the simpler times of an industrial society divided by nation states.


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