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AMPU Music By Era


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Here's a tentative list. Note: I can get music from for music made prior to 1926. I may need help finding free versions of historical music after 1926. It's possible, I may be compelled to just create music without consideration of eras, and just have a song track of say 30 songs for the entire game. 

Music by Era (note: Public Domain before 1926)


Era of Independence (1772-1788)

  1. Turkish March by Mozart

  2. Yankee Doodle

  3. The British Grenadiers

  4. Chester by William Billings

  5. The Liberty Song by John Dickinson

  6. Messiah by Handel

  7. Hay-Maker’s Dance

  8. The Girl I Left Behind Me

  9. Federal March

  10. War and Washington


Era of Federalism (1788-1800)

  1. Hail Columbia/President’s March

  2. To Anacreon in Heaven

  3. something by Haydn

  4. Schenectady by Shumway

  5. The Federal Overture by Carr

  6. The Continental Harmony by Billings

  7. Les Marseillais

  8. ?

  9. ?

  10. ?


Era of Republicanism (1800-1820)

  1. The Last Rose of Summer 

  2. Star-Spangled Banner

  3. Eroica by Beethoven

  4. Silent Night

  5. ?

  6. ?

  7. ?

  8. ?

  9. ?

  10. ?


Era of Democracy (1820-1840)

  1. The Minstrels Return from the War by Hewitt

  2. Steal Away

  3. Hail to the Chief

  4. Home, Sweet Home by Payne

  5. Nocturne by Chopin

  6. My Country Tis of Thee

  7. Morning Star (carol)

  8. Fair Harvard

  9. Kathleen Mavourneen

  10. Woodman, Spare that Tree


Era of Manifest Destiny (1840-1856)

  1. The Blue Juniata

  2. Wake, Lady Mine

  3. Oh, Susannah

  4. Camptown Races

  5. Old Folks at Home

  6. Radetzky’s March by Strauss

  7. Buffalo Gals

  8. Skip to my Lou

  9. Yellow Rose of Texas

  10. ??????


Era of Nationalism (1856-1868)

  1. Amazing Grace

  2. Johnny Comes Marching Home

  3. Dixie

  4. Battle Cry of Freedom

  5. Battle Hymn of the Republic

  6. All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight

  7. ?

  8. ?

  9. ?

  10. ?


Era of the Gilded Age (1868-1892)

  1. My Grandfather’s Clock

  2. Home on the Range

  3. La Paloma

  4. Carry Me Back to Old Virginny

  5. Something from the HMS Pinafore

  6. The Gladiator March by Sousa

  7. The Washington Post by Sousa

  8. America the Beautiful

  9. Semper Fidelis by Sousa

  10. ?


Era of Progressivism (1892-1916)

  1. The Entertainer by Joplin

  2. Maple Leaf Rag by Joplin

  3. On the Banks of the Wabsh, Far Away

  4. Charleston Rag by Blake

  5. Lift Every Voice and Sing

  6. I Love You Truly by Jacobs-Bonds

  7. Some TBD composition by Charles Ives

  8. The Mysterious Rag by Berlin

  9. St Louis Blues by Handy

  10. Jelly Roll Blues by Morton

  11. Stars and Stripes Forever by Sousa


Era of Normalcy (1916-1928)

  1. When the Saints Go Marching In

  2. Over There by Cohan

  3. Swanee by Gershwin

  4. Crazy Blues

  5. Orey’s Creole Trombone

  6. TBD jazz by King Oliver

  7. Rhapsody in Blue

  8. TBD song by Ma Rainey

  9. Collegiate

  10. Charleston (“The Charleston”)

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Here's my song list of what I have found so far:

Historical Music


Marines Hymn



National Emblem



Battle Hymn of the Republic



You’re a Grand Old Flag



When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again






Rhapsody in Blue



When the Saints Go Marching In



Stars and Stripes Forever by Sousa



Memphis Blues by Handy



Anchors Aweigh



Just Wild About Harry



The Entertainer by Joplin



Maple Leaf Rag by Joplin



The Gladiator March by Sousa



The Washington Post by Sousa



America the Beautiful



Semper Fidelis by Sousa



In Memoriam by Sousa



Amazing Grace



Camptown Races



Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean



Hail to the Chief



Star-Spangled Banner



Hail Columbia



The Girl I Left Behind Me



Yankee Doodle



The British Grenadiers



Chester by William Billings



Non-Historic Music


Pirate Adventure Music


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Here are some off the top of my head, listed loosely chronologically:

RIse Columbia is pretty old, I think around 1800.

Shenandoah is also pretty old, I'm thinking early to mid 1800's.

Turkey in the Straw for mid 1800's, but there might be some racial connotations with that one. 

Jimmy Crack Corn for mid 1800's.  As with Turkey in the Straw, the minstrel songs, while part of our history and popular songs, you'll have to decide if that's something you want.  You listed a few in your list already, so...

I don't know when the actual John Henry song was written, but the song would still be appropriate in the Reconstruction era. Along that same line is I've Been Working on the Railroad. 

Shoo Fly from after the Civil War.

She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain for late 1800's.   

Wabash Cannonball I think was from late 1800's.  

You're A Grand Old Flag from early 1900's.

Big Rock Candy Mountain for early 1900's.

You haven't listed more modern eras, but This Land is Your Land would be a good one, and might be public domain by now.     

Down in the Valley and On Top Of Old Smokey (Spaghetti) has been around forever, but I don't know exactly what eras those are from. 

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