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Nominees against Nominees


Nominees vs Nominees  

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  1. 1. Barry Goldwater vs Aaron Burr

  2. 2. Henry Clay vs Hillary Clinton

  3. 3. Mitt Romney vs Thomas E. Dewey

  4. 4. John Kerry vs Walter Mondale

  5. 5. William Jennings Bryan vs Al Gore

    • William Jennings Bryan
    • Al Gore
  6. 6. Adlai Stevenson II vs Hubert Humphrey

    • Adlai Stevenson II
    • Hubert Humphrey
  7. 7. John C. Fremont vs John McCain

  8. 8. George McGovern vs Alf Landon

  9. 9. Charles Evans Hughes vs Gerald Ford

    • Charles Evans Hughes
    • Gerald Ford
  10. 10. Bob Dole vs Al Smith

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Unlike with the President poll you made, all of these were quite easy for me. Only people I gave some consideration to before voting against them were Hillary Clinton and Gerald Ford. I think ideologies I'm closer to Clinton than Clay, but I think Clay would get more things done -- especially gathering support and cobbling together a mega infrastruture package that would make Biden's version seem like nothing. This would mean many more, well-paying jobs. It would likely ultimately reduce the costs of goods as transportation and such would be more efficient. Lots of other good things come out of Public Works projects. 

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