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Favorite Historical Era in Western Civ


Favorite Historical Era in Western Civ  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite era in Western Civ [Pick multiple if it's a toss up or close]

    • Prehistoric
    • Antiquity (From Ancient Greece up to Charlemagne)
    • Middle Ages (From Charlemagne to Age of Discovery)
    • Renaissance (From Age of Discovery to end of 30 Year's War)
    • Enlightenment (From End of 30 Year's War to Industial Revolution)
    • 19th Century
    • 20th Century
    • 21st Century

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If I had to give my interest level for each section on a 1-10 scale it would be:

Pre-History: 8.8/10

Antiquity: 8.8/10

Middle Ages: 9.0/10

Renaissance: 9.2/10

Enlightenment: 9.4/10

19th Century: 9.8/10

20th Century: 8.8/10

21st Century: 8.0/10

I'd say Charlemagne to the end of WWII is kind of my range of real interests (800-1945), with a more deep interest in the range from Shakespeare through Progressive Era (1590ish-1920ish). When I was the age of most people on this forum (20s), I had almost not interest in history after 1945. Despite this cut off date, I am far less attracted to the World Wars than I am to eras of linear warfare -- Thirty Years War to the end of the American Civil War (1618-1865). What initially turned me off of the 20th century as a kid was that I really disliked acronyms -- those of the FDR, Truman, Eisenhower eras especially. I remember reading a book that covered the Cold War and everything was acronyms and I stopped reading because it made everything so impersonal. Obviously, I got over that by the time I was in late undergrad. 


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My favorite to immerse myself in has to be the 18th century. Something so special in gaming, especially thanks to the atmospheres given by the Assassins Creed series- 3, Liberation, 4: Black Flag, Freedom Cry, and Rogue. 

Favorite to read about? The 19th. American birth, childhood is amazing to read about, especially how crazy it was, with all of the duels, congressional issues, politiking, etc. The Civil War, Revolutions in France, Napolean, Victoria, etc. all the best times of crazy monarchic tales and stories as well.

What would I want to travel back to and live through? The 20th. We had the best medicine of the 3, prohibition, Roosevelts, Reagans, WW1/2, all the war, American car culture, mass music culture, roaring 20s, the silent generation, all the best moments I never had and all the worst I'm thankful I missed. All there in one century.


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