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Florida Debate: DeSantis vs. Crist


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Probably because he had nothing to lose, Crist apparently went on a full-scale attack on DeSantis. Based on what I read DeSantis got destroyed at the debate, was consistently defensive, on the defensive, frequently dodging questions, etc. More controversial for a Floridian, he wouldn't commit to completing his four-year-term, which means he's at least being honest that he might run for president, but that's generally something locals don't like to hear when electing a governor. Nonetheless, Crist's victory might only move the polls by 1 or 2 percentage points. 

I'm hoping Crist's debate performance will at least be useful in taking down DeSantis in 2024 should DeSantis be the GOP nominee. I get the ideas that DeSantis is used to being the aggressive one and couldn't handle being the punching bag. I'll say one thing good about Trump, Trump somehow can fling the attack back. He's got more counter-attack to his defensiveness. DeSantis apparently hasn't that. He just gets defensive. 

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