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Labour Leadership Election 1976 Poll


1976 Labour Leadership Election  

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  1. 1. If you were a Labour MP in 1976, which of these candidates would you vote to be the next Leader

    • James Callaghan
    • Michael Foot
    • Roy Jenkins
    • Tony Benn
    • Dennis Healy
    • Anthony Crosland

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Prime Minister Harold Wilson has resigned prompting an election to be held for Labour MPs to vote on who should be the next party leader, and by extension the next Prime Minister.

The candidates running for leadership, and a brief explanation of their policies:

James Callaghan - The current foreign minister with a long track record of service in the cabinet. He sits squarely between the Foot-Benn wings, and the Jenkins-Crossland wings of the Labour Party. Strong supporter of European integration, and known for keeping good relations with Trade Unions.

Michael Foot - An ardent member of the Labour Left who is nonetheless an able parliamentarian with an ability to find common ground, and unity with his political opponents - up to a certain point.

Roy Jenkins - The main parliamentary leader of the 'Labour Right' arguing against Socialism, and in favor of Social Democracy, and European Integration

Tony Benn - A born aristocrat who rejected his peerage in order to serve in the House of the Commons, and has shifted to the left ever since. Known both for his unique brand of Democratic Socialism termed by the media Bennism, as well as his polarizing reputation having both ardent supporters, and fervent opponents within, and without the Labour Party

Dennis Healy - A member of the Labour Soft-Left, known for his bluntness, and acerbic wit.

Tony Crosland - The most moderate of all candidates running for leader, arguing against Marxist socialism, advocating for the dropping of Clause IV, and the transformation of the Labour party from a Democratic Socialist into a Social Democratic Party.

(Depending on the results, and if there is enough interest, I might make an alternate history 1979 General Election poll as a sequel to this.)

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19 hours ago, DakotaHale said:

Where Skinner

Based off of the results of this poll, he’s probably prepping to split off, and form the Socialist Labour Party in response to Crosland’s win 😛

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