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What Are Your Favorite Playtest Moments So Far?


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As a player it has been not so much a single moment (albeit breaking the old platform rules to swing an election +5 towards the GOP was nice), but I have really enjoyed the balancing act of doing what is best for my faction vs doing what is best for my party. So far the playtests have been me trying to find the best moments when to strike at an allied faction to snipe a Congressional seat or governor's mansion and when to play nice and cede seats and offices to the other allied players.

As a GM I have really enjoyed seeing how the game can upend the plans of our players, as well as experiencing the game as it creates an emergent narrative of that game's United States. As we are playing, we are building our own internal lore about the nation and the politicians shaping it. This has allowed me to become attached to certain politicians or factions and invested in their rise and fall. An example of this is the Whigs in the Civil War playtest. They've somehow bumbled every chance they have at the Presidency and it has made them seem like lovable oafs.

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As a player my favorite moment was having LBJ as the iron-fisted Senate Majority Leader. The suite of tools the game makes available at that point really adds another level to the gameplay and opens up a lot of fun avenues with added pressure if you're dealing with multiple human players. 

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1 hour ago, ConservativeElector2 said:

Clearly the election which was brought before the Supreme Court in the 1840s playtest. I did my own graphic to show the votes of the justices.

Greens voted to hold up the winner in the state, red means they agreed with challenging the result.


Yeah, that goes hand in hand with my answer but I didn't want to muddle it too much.

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