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Kherson is Liberated


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The southern city and half of the Kherson region have been liberated overnight by Ukrainian forces. The city was held by Russia since early March, but due to increased Ukrainian pressure, Russians pulled out and went back across the Dnipro to the eastern bank. The liberation of Kherson relieves a region that has been suffering greatly under Russian rule. There are already reports of torture chambers found within several regions in Kherson oblast. The liberation of Kherson is especially special to me personally. My friend that I met in high school lived in Kherson City and I haven't heard from her since the war began. I hope she is still there and safe. The last thing she said to me was "my family and I have our own bunker, so we are here.  nowhere to evacuate.  everywhere start-up on tanks.  all airports are blown up.  Let's just sit and wait, we'll see.  now they shoot a lot. many of our tanks are blown up, people do not have time to get to the rescue". That was on February 24th. Every person has their own story of liberation, which makes it that much more touching. For the people of Kherson, this day could not have come soon enough. There is unbelievable joy in the air today.


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