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Think Tanks in AMPU


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I’m waiting for my train to NYC and should save my phone battery because the charge port in my phone doesn’t work half the time, but I need to post this before I forget:

In what ways should Think Tanks works in AMPU. I’m thinking about making them events, but they could theoretically have some sort of other function that won’t require me doing some major structural overhaul. 

I’m open to ideas. Here’s a list of think tanks:


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1 hour ago, MrPotatoTed said:

I’ve always seen think tanks as just glorified lobbies, and thus would think they’re already included in the lobbies even if not by name.

Kind of of this opinion, if you want to flesh it out, maybe add a "generic event" (can't remember what they're called, but the repeatable ones that aren't scripted and aren't flavor) that grant a random pol (or three) a new lobby.  Maybe we already have something like that, but if we don't, it's certainly fair game for a generic event.

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