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January 1st, 2024 - The primary season is in full swing, and it's anyone's game. With not just the Presidency in the balance, but the also the house, senate, SCOTUS, and the entire American State able to be brought under control, every faction on capitol hill is willing to do whatever it takes to become the dominant player in Washington. Choose your faction, and do whatever it takes to win, the only limits to your campaigning, skullduggery, and ratfucking is your imagination... and the will of the dice. Hire a PI to dig up dirt on your opponents, have allied members of the media praise you in the press, organize a paramilitary group in order to overthrow the government, you do it if you set your mind to it. This is the only rp (outside of Fallout 69, of course) that not only allows chaos, but encourages it!


Trumpists (Donald Trump, Jim Jordan, Tucker Carlson etc.) @Cenzonico

Christian Conservatives (Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis etc.)

Establishment Republicans (Mitch McConnell, Nikki Haley, Brian Kemp, etc.) @Sean F Kennedy

Neo-Conservatives (Liz Cheney, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, etc.) @Murrman104

Moderates (Joe Manchin, Evan McMullin, Charlie Baker etc.) @The Blood

Neo-Liberals (Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Hakeem Jeffries, etc.) @Hestia

Progressives (Ro Khanna, Liz Warren, Jeff Merkley, etc.) @Rodja

Democratic Socialists (Bernie Sanders, AOC, Nina Turner, etc.) @Fbarbarossa

Libertarians (Justin Amash, Jared Polis, Howard Stern, etc.) @Rezi

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@Kitten would you like to join? You can combine the establishment, and Christian conservatives if you want, that way we can just go ahead, and start.

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 @Cenzonico @Sean F Kennedy @Hestia @The Blood @Rodja @Murrman104 @Fbarbarossa @Rezi You guys can do your events now, 4 events plus an endorsement request each turn which represents one week.

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Event One: The Independent Candidate - Joe Manchin 2024

Joe Manchin delivered a shocking announcement today in Charleston, West Virginia, declaring his candidacy for President in 2024 as an independent candidate. Speaking with his running mate, Lisa Murkowski, by his side, Manchin would viciously attack the "extremism" in Washington, declaring, "I am not leaving the Democratic Party. It is the Democratic Party which left me many years ago by sprinting to the far-left. The Democrats have abandoned moderates just as the Republicans have abandoned Senator Murkowski and others unwilling to bend the knee to election-denying conspiracies. Compromise, bipartisanship, and reasonable policymaking are dead in Washington, and the vortex of extremism and partisanship Washington has entered must be broken! I am running for President to cut through the partisan extremes and focus on the kitchen table issues Americans are facing. As President I will return our national debt to manageable and acceptable levels, I will fight for American energy independence, I will support all of America's allies abroad, refusing to abandon tens of millions to Islamic extremism as President Biden did in Afghanistan, and I will return bipartisanship and common-sense to Washington! I ask for your vote, America, so that we may wrestle our government from the control of the extremes and get to work rebuilding the American Dream. Thank you!"


Event Two: Hogan's Heroes, The People of New Hampshire

Larry Hogan has been running for President since early 2023, and now, as the early states draw near, Hogan's Presidential ambitions require a focused strategy to prevail. That is why Hogan will spend his time in New Hampshire, touring the state with townhall after townhall. Hoping to exploit New Hampshire's predilection for moderate Republicans and the state's open primaries, the former Maryland Governor will present his pragmatic vision for the Republican Party in the state. Hogan will attack the "corrosive influence" of Trump on the party and will present his campaign as the best shot for Republicans to build a broad, uniting coalition of Americans in the general election. 


Event Three: Sinema's Money Bomb

Kyrsten Sinema knows her hopes for reelection in 2024 are in jeopardy. Her fearless rejection of extremism in her party has left progressives and liberals ready to rally behind a primary challenger, and the national Democratic leadership would be overjoyed with her removal from the Senate. However, Sinema has a plan. In the face of these tough odds, the maverick Senator intends to build a financial wall to hold firm against those besieging her reelection. Sinema will begin dialing every major donor, industry mogul, and wealthy centrist she can think of to finance her reelection campaign. She will make whatever promises are necessary to secure funding, and Sinema will describe her rush for cash as a "money bomb" to her campaign team.


Event Four: Baker is Baking a Senate Campaign

Charlie Baker left office as Massachusetts Governor dismayed by the condition of his state's Republican Party. His model of moderate Republican success was being rejected by failing Trumpian candidates, and Baker felt helpless to stop this decline as he left public office. However, as the weeks of 2023 wore on, Baker devised an idea. He could make his return to politics, winning yet another statewide race and then fighting for his moderate brand in both the Massachusetts GOP and the national party. So, in the first week of 2024, Charlie Baker will return to electoral politics, announcing a bid for Elizabeth Warren's Senate seat. Baker will criticize Warren's "unfailing devotion to the far-left", making it clear to Bay Staters that he will serve in the US Senate with a socially tolerant, fiscally responsible mindset untainted by Trumpism. 


Endorsement Request: Larry Hogan will seek the support of Chris Sununu for his Presidential campaign.

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1.Elizabeth Warren for President!

My fellow Americans,

I have an important announcement to make to you tonight.An announcement that might change the trajectory of our country for the better.

Arent you sick and tired of Wall Street executives controlling our economy?! 

Arent you sick and tired of Republican Party spouting bigotry and serving one man who did more than any President in history to undermine our democratic institutions by cozying up to foreign dictators?

Arent you sick and tired of Democratic establishment crushing our ambitions and telling us we have to think small in order to win?!

Arent you sick of seeing coal barons like Sen.Manchin dictating our nations energy policy?

For these many other reasons,i am officially running for the Democratic nomination for President of these United States!


2.Rep.Raul Grijalva  announces primary challenge against Sen.Krysten Sinema

3.2024 Senate candidates endorsed by Sen.Warren

AZ-Rep.Raul Grijalva

CA-Rep.Ro Khanna

FL-Andrew Gillum

MA-Rep.Ayanna Pressley

MI-Mr.Michael Moore

MN-Rep.Ilhan Omar

NY-Endorse Kirsten Gillibrand @Hestia

NM-Dolores Huerta

OH-Sen.Sherrod Brown

TX-Jessica Cisneros

VT-Endorse Bernie Sanders @Fbarbarossa

WI-Russ Feingold

4.Rep.Pramila Jayapal will issue a statement calling for congressional investigation against Sen.Joe Manchin @The Blood for potential conflicts of interest .


Sen.Elizabeth Warren will seek an endorsement from Sen.Bernie Sanders  @Fbarbarossaoffering to endorse  democratic socialist downballot candidates in races where progressives arent running in return

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