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Should Polk run for a 3rd term?

Should James K Polk run in 1860?  

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  1. 1. Polk would be running for a 3rd term!

    • Run Polk, run!
    • No, retire Polk.

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In the 1840 play test, James K Polk won the 1852 and 1856 election for President, but didn't have a mandate either time.  Party preference in 1860 is about neutral (+1 Red) and several ideologies are +3 Blue for enthusiasm.  He has won the 3rd Seminole War and has a Natonal +1 for a Kingmaker relationship. However, there is a deep ongoing Domestic Stability crisis and he has a -1 in New England (a Whig stronghold) because of putting down John Browns slave rebellion. He also took historical losses in the midterms of 1858.

So, should the frail and unlikable James K Polk (who has already lives past hia historical death date) run for a 3rd term, or retire and let someone else lead?

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I’m not going to vote, but it would be interesting that a politician who historically pledged to serve only one term would aim for 3. I remember at one time I considered adding a trait that would allow someone to seek a 3rd term if it’s legal. I ended up not doing it because it’s hard to determine who would have that ability and who wouldn’t of those who were never president. 

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