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LBJ Legislation Poll


LBJ Legislation Poll  

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  1. 1. You are your 21st Century self and have gone back in time to become a US Senator for LBJ's presidency. What party do you identify as?

    • Democrat
    • Republican
    • Progressive Independent
    • States Rights Independent
  2. 2. Would you consider yourself a supporter or opponent of the JFK-LBJ Domestic Agenda?

    • More of a supporter
    • More of an opponent
  3. 3. Do you support or oppose the bipartisan aggressive anti-communist foreign policy of the Cold War?

    • More of a supporter
    • More of an opponent
  4. 4. Which of the following LBJ-era legislation do your vote FOR when the final vote is called for? By not checking them, you are voting AGAINST them.

    • I vote against all of the below legislation.
    • Clean Air Act of 1963 -- the first modern environmental act, which will be amended many times.
    • Civil Rights Act of 1964 - ends segregation, outlaws racial discrimination, equalizes voter registration.
    • Urban Mass Transportation Act - large-scale funding project for private and public urban rail
    • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution - Permit the president to wage war against Vietnam without a formal declaration, possibly to prevent drawing in the Soviet Union.
    • Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 - create agencies designed to aid in eliminating poverty and enhancing the opportunities and lives of the poor.
    • Food Stamp Act of 1964 - Create the food stamp program to help provide food for impoverished families.
    • Wilderness Act - Creates a legal definition of wilderness so as to protect federal wilderness.
    • 24th Amendment - Bans the federal government and the states from issueing a poll tax as a condition to vote.
    • Elementary and Secondary Education Act - Provides major funding to education and equal access to education, predominately for poor communities.
    • Cigarette Act - Regulates the labeling and advertising of cigarettes
    • Social Security Act of 1965 - Created Medicare (health insurance for the elderly) and Medicaid (healthcare for the poor)
    • Voting Rights Act of 1965 - Prohibits voting discrimination and enforces the rights of the 14th and 15th Amendments
    • Housing and Urban Development Act - Creates the Dept of HUD and a massively expands funding for federal housing.
    • Immigration Act of 1965 - Abolishes the immigration quota system that discriminated against everyone but Northern and Western Europeans.
    • Higher Education Act of 1965 - Federal funding for higher education, creates scholarships, creates federal student loans
    • Animal Welfare Act - regulates treatment of animals in research and in exhibitions
    • Freedom of Information Act - requires transparency of government information with a few necessary exceptions
    • Vehicle and Motor Safety Act - The first mandatory federal safety standards for vehicles
    • National Historic Preservation Act - Creates the National Register of Historic Places to protect such places from demolition.
    • National Wildlife Refuge Act - Creates a syste to protect national wildlife refuges.
    • Department of Transportation Act - Creates the Dept of Transportation
    • 25th Amendment - clarifies the rules for when a VP follows a dead or removed president and requires a new VP to be selected
    • Public Broadcasting Act - charters a non-profit to create public broadcasting (PBS and NPR)
    • Age Discrimination Act of 1967 - Forbids employment discimination based on age against anyone age 40 or older
    • Civil Rights Act of 1968 - Applies Bill of Rights to Native American tribes, prohibts racial discrimination in housing, makes rioting a felony.
    • Crime Control Act of 1968 - bans interstate sell of handguns, allows some federal wiretapping, increase FBI funding, codifies Miranda warning
    • Federal Aviation Act - regulates the airline industry
    • Wild and Scenic Rivers Act - Protects selected environmental areas of natural beauty
    • National Trail System Act - Create a national trail system for historic trails to protect them
    • Public Health Service Act - Gives the federal government the authority to establish quarantines during a pandemic
    • Radiation Control Act - Provides a framework for regulation and inspecting products with radiation emissions
    • Foreign Military Sales Act - Aims at arms control while also stating that arms will be sold to benevolent nations for self-defense.
    • Gun Control Act of 1968 - Regulates interstate gun sales, prohibiting most of these sales by unliscensed participants
  5. 5. Had LBJ run for reelection in 1968 and won, which of the following would you have expected?

    • He would continue with this kind of large-scale domestic legislation, possibly even establishing government healthcare and a Equal Rights for Women Act.
    • He would have been far less productive in domestic legislation due to opposition or because Congress is worn out.
    • He would expanded the Vietnam beyond what Nixon did (Laos and Cambodia), possibly drawing it into China.
    • He would have not have gone into Laos and Cambodia as Nixon did and probably would have been more interested in ending it.
    • LBJ, generally ranked a top 10 president, would fair worse in ranks had he gained a 2nd term.
    • LBJ, generally ranked a top 10 president, would fair better in ranks had he gained a 2nd term, possibly becoming top 5.
    • LBJ would have died in office since he died of a heart attack in Jan 1973 and his term would have ended in Jan 1973.
    • LBJ would survive a 2nd term because his health would be better monitored as an incumbent president.
    • I don't know
  6. 6. Who would you have been most eager to endorsed as a US Senator in the 1968 Presidential Election?

    • LBJ-D
    • RFK-D
    • Humphrey-D
    • McCarthy-D
    • Nixon-R
    • Rockefeller-R
    • Reagan-R

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14 hours ago, Rezi said:

I would still be a Republican at the time because I see myself as a holdout Liberal Republican who doesn't switch until the 70s, probably with the rise of Reagan.

If I were an immortal who lived through all of US history, I think I would have voted like this:


1788 - Washington and Adams

1792 - Washington and Adams

1796 - Adams and Jay

1800 - Adams and Burr

1804 - Jefferson (Pinckneys were major slaveholders and strongly anti-democratic as was all of South Carolina--worst state in US history, historically speaking)

1808 - Madison (ditto)

1812 - Clinton (DeWitt Clinton would have been an amazing president)

1816 - King 

1820 - Write-in for JQ Adams

Whig/Nat Rep 1824-1852 (Fan of Free Soil, but want to block Cass from Pres'cy)

GOP 1856-1896

Dem 1896-1900 (WJ Bryan)

GOP 1904

Dem 1908 (WJ Bryan)

Bull Moose 1912 (an actual 3rd party with a shot at winning)

GOP 1916

Dem 1920 (Cox)

La Follette Prog 1924 (Both Dem and GOP were extremely conservative)

Dem 1928-1944

Wallace Prog 1948  (Would vote Truman if Taft had been GOP nom)

Dem 1952-present



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