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Let me preface this image by saying I clicked neutral/I don't know on lik 30% of the questions because they were unclear to me. The questions are so poorly worded. I also don't think they have enough questions to really calculate accurate results. I'm sure my 30% of non-responding makes my chart below inaccurate. In the Political Compass, I'm right smack dab in the middle of the Green square. I'm not quite sure why my "progressive" isn't higher, unless this test has a totally different definition of "progressive." The Red Square, in Political Compass, is generally the square for Communists, which is funny because on the Communist question in this test, I put "Strongly disagree." Anyway, I think it's basically trying to copy Political Compass but simplifying it while also adding the Progressive-Conservative meter. I think simplifying the questions is a mistake, but I think the meter is a great idea if they can define the terms, because they don't really make sense based off the responses everyone is getting on here. 


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