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AMPU Zoom Session (Dec 2022)


AMPU Zoom Session (Dec 2022)  

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  1. 1. Are you interested in Zooming to talk about AMPU? We will also look at what has been done on the game so far.

  2. 2. I will likely host the Zoom meeting on Tuesday Dec 13th. Which of the times can you make? [check all that apply]

    • I can't make any of the below times or I am not interesting in meeting.
    • Noon EST
    • 1pm EST
    • 2pm EST
    • 3pm EST
    • 4pm EST
    • 5pm EST
    • 6pm EST
    • 7pm EST
    • 8pm EST
    • 9pm EST

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In the zoom meeting, I'll go over the following:

  • The very rough draft of the game that Anthony has made so far. We will take turns drafting players. 
  • I'll field questions, suggestions, concerns, hopes, etc. 
  • I'll talk about what I still need to do on my end. 
  • If we have time I might talk about some of my other projects, but only after all discussion on AMPU has been exhausted. 
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