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Chat GPT is incredible.


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I just use it for writing stories on the fly. It is so fun to do that. 

This data on this table takes into a count a story I’ve had it generate (Probably about 6000 words at this point) I tell it to make the election slightly suprising it was, it takes into account so much info. No idea how it works. Fun as heck. 



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1 minute ago, Rezi said:

Just a bit ago I was using it for a similar purpose! Nothing long-term and custom, but just some quick little election sims.


I love it 😄 ! It’s nice for us election nerds to have since calculating is the annoying part, and sometimes all I want to do is have something simulate an election for me and write a story about it, and it has finally been made! I do add some descriptors, what I love is you can just tell it to continue writing, or just tell it “add this” and it will take the previous info in your session and apply it. That is why I have been on this same “story” for 45 minute. Haha

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After continuing for hours on my story, I realize it’s all about machine learning but still incredlible. 

For example when I type what type of descriptions each ward has (ward 4 heavy college population, heavily democratic) it calculates all that - keeps that info of what votes go to what candidates based of of what ward, and what total percent of vote that ward has. Fun easy election simming. 

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23 minutes ago, HiyarAgasi said:

Is there a way to save the conservation after closing the tab (for AI, so he can remember what i wrote before) ?

Unforunetly no not now, I know they are working on that feature 

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I’m torn. As a futurist I’m intrigued, and excited at the present capabilities of AI to create art(using the broad definition), and how these capabilities will no doubt be enhanced in the coming decades. But on the other hand, as a human being who would like to make a living off of their creative output, something like this gives me the heebie-jeebies. Now I can fully understand why artists were so squicked by Dall-e 2.

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