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1789-1792 Governing Period Poll



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  1. 1. Bill 1: Institution of a tax on Whisky

  2. 2. Bill 2: Expands the sixe of the land military

  3. 3. Bill 3: Ratification of the Paine Treaty

  4. 4. Bill 4: Establishes the American Military Academy

  5. 5. Bill 5: Formalizes the structure of the federal judicial system

  6. 6. Bill 6: Establishes a basic income for young people in their 20s

  7. 7. Bill 7: Gives subsidies to encourage industrialization

  8. 8. Bill 8: Establishes a national bank

  9. 9. Bill 9: Establishes a tax on inheritance

  10. 10. Bill 10:Ammends the Constitution to have a two round system of voting for President, and Vice-President

  11. 11. House Midterms

    • Democratic-Republicans
    • Federalists
    • Radicals
  12. 12. Senate Midterms

    • Radicals
    • Federalists
    • Democratic-Republicans

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This covers the midterm elections, and the legislative proposals during Ben Franklin's first term. Here's how I'll do governing periods in this project:

I'll give ten of the biggest proposals for the term, and allow the forum to vote on it. These forum votes + the votes for each party in the previous election will determine if the bill passes. 

I figured that all the bills were self explanatory besides the Paine treaty, so here's the explanation for that:

Due to the long standing friendship between Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson, as well as the immense level of respect that Franklin, Paine, and Jefferson had for one another, a treaty establishing formal relations between the two Americas was written in 1791. The provisions of the treaty are as follows:

The CSA, and USA recognize each other as independent nations with a right to exist

The CSA, and USA pledge to not attack each other, or support an enemy of the other in war, for the next 20 years

The USA, and CSA divide up the territory east of the Mississippi according to the map below


The USA, and CSA are dedicated to defending each other against Old World Imperialism for the next 20 years

The USA, and CSA will designate each other Most Favored Nation status for the next 10 years. 

In 20 years the treaty will be up for re-ratification to extend the Anti-Imperialism pledge, and Non-Aggression pact for another 20 years

The treaty was derided by extremists in both countries, but the majority of the populace did not want another war, especially so soon after the revolution. (Consider the Paine Treaty this timeline's equivalent of the Jay treaty) If you'd like an explanation for any of the other bills, simply ask, and I'll happily provide one.

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