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Washington's Presidency Poll: First Term


Washington's Presidency Poll: 1st Term.  

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  1. 1. If you born in the 1750s and became a US Senator or US House member for the 1st Congress in 1789, what state would you serve? *Pick a state where you had ancestors if you have them*

  2. 2. Would you have been a supporter of the Constitution created at the Convention?

    • Yes, I support a stronger federal government.
    • Reluctantly yes. There are imperfect parts but they can be amended in the future.
    • Reluctantly no. I support the idea of it, but cannot support it until a Bill of Rights is attached.
    • Absolutely not. We should have only slightly revised the Articles of Confederation.
    • I have no real opinion on this. Doesn't matter to much to me personally.
  3. 3. Which of the following to you support for president and VP? *PICK EXACTLY TWO, please*

    • Gen. George Washington of VA - federalist
    • Minister to UK John Adams of MA - federalist
    • Minister of Foreign Affairs John Jay of NY - federalist
    • Judge Robert H. Harrison of MD - federalist
    • Gov John Hancock of MA - federalist
    • Fmr Gov of SC John Rutledge - federalist
    • Gov of NY George Clinton - antifederalist
  4. 4. Which of the following cabinet officers do you confirm? *Check all that you confirm*

    • I'll reject all of Washington's appointments
    • Thomas Jefferson of VA as Sec of State - antifederalist
    • Alexander Hamilton of NY as Sec of Treasury - federalist
    • Henry Knox of MA as Sec of War - federalist
    • Edmund Randolph of VA as Att Gen - independent
  5. 5. Do you support the Bill of Rights proposed by Rep. James Madison (first historical ten amendments)

    • I will support Madison's proposal.
    • I will neither vote for or against it.
    • I oppose Madison's proposal.
  6. 6. Do you support Sec Knox's belief that American Indians are rightful owners of their land and that any purchases must come via the federal government and not via states or private citizens?

    • Yes.
    • No. American Indians have no rights to their land.
    • No. The federal government shouldn't have a monopoly on land purchases.
  7. 7. The French Revolution erupts, throwing France in anarchy and putting our old ally Louis XVI in danger. How do you feel?

    • I support the revolution as akin to our own in establishing a Republic free of monarchy.
    • I condemn the revolution as a mob of wanton violence.
    • I have no real opinion on the revolution.
  8. 8. Do you support the confirmation of Washington's first Supreme Court Justices? *Check all that you confirm*

    • I oppose every one of his SC Justice nominations.
    • John Jay of NY as Chief Justice - federalist
    • John Rutledge of SC - federalist
    • William Cushing of MA - federalist
    • James Wilson of PA - federalist
    • John Blair Jr of VA - federalist
  9. 9. You listen to Hamilton's economic report, endorsed by Washington. Do you support any of the following?

    • I oppose Hamiltonian economics in total
    • I support assuming the debt of the states, to both centralize our nation's finances and authority, but also to help pay of their debt.
    • I have no real opinion on this issue
  10. 10. Philadelphia Quakers, with Benjamin Franklin's support, are pushing Washington to call for the gradual abolition of slavery. Do you support the Quaker petition.

    • I do and I will be public in my support of it.
    • I do, but I will not be public about my support for political reasons and/or the stability of the Union.
    • I do not reluctantly, only because it might cause a Civil War or slave rebellions.
    • I do not, primarily because I do not like abolitionists and/or Quakers.
    • I strongly support slavery as a great good, so no.
    • I have no real opinion on this issue
  11. 11. Leading members of the government are fighting over the permanent location of the capital. What location will you advocate?

    • New York City, where it currently exists.
    • Philadelphia because it is our largest city and where we declared our independence and signed the US Constitution.
    • Centrally located on the Potomac between Virginia and Maryland.
    • Do we even need a permanent capital? Was not our constant changing of our capital good enough for the Confederation?
  12. 12. Do you support funding the Northwest Indian War in Ohio country?

    • Yes. It's land given to us by the British in a treaty. Many of our citizens have already purchased land in the area.
    • No. The land belongs to the tribes in Ohio country, even if it means angering would-be-settlers and closing the Midwest off permanently.
    • I have no real opinion on this issue.
  13. 13. Hamilton makes a call for a national bank, to be a central bank, similar to those central banks of major European powers. Do you support the creation of a Bank of the United States?

    • No, because such a bank would put too much power in the hands of the central government and the financial centers of the nation in the North. State and private banks will do.
    • Yes, because we won't be taken seriously by major powers without one and it will stabilize our economy.
    • I have no real opinion on this issue.
  14. 14. Hamilton's economic policies and pro-British influence over Washington is dividing the nation into two quasi-parties. Who are you collaborating with?

    • Hamilton and his allies have the full endorsement of Washington, and I believe the generally know what's best for the nation at this time.
    • I am being convinced by the strong arguments of Madison and Jefferson that these are all steps towards monarchy and centralized power.
    • I am not going to get involved with partisan politics. I'll go issue by issue, even if I lose political clout from people taking sides.
    • I'll try to play both sides and just see who ends up prevailing.
  15. 15. Political presses are becoming the norm, each with extreme bias for one party over the other. Madison, Jefferson, and Hamilton routinely write anonymous essays to attack opponents. Do you do the same?

    • Yes.
    • I will not only attack my opponents in the press, but I will not hide my name, even if it results in me getting killed in a duel or losing political influence.
    • No. It's petty and cowardly and will do more harm than good.
  16. 16. By now North and South are so divided over Hamiltonian Economics that you overhear Washington fearing the country will be torn apart, and that he would probably join the North if it happens. What are you thinking?

    • I represent a Northern state, so I'd side with the North.
    • I represent a Southern state, so I'd side with the South.
    • While I represent the North, I'd flee South to enjoy their limited government and agrarian society.
    • While I represent the South, I'd join president Washington by fleeing Northward to enjoy their stronger government and economic platform
    • I have no opinion. I'll wait and see.
  17. 17. Washington desires to retire after one term, but the nation is still on such shaky ground from both domestic, eocnomic, and foreign pressures. Do you urge Washington to run for a second term?

    • I urge Washington run for a 2nd term either for national stability or to prevent Hamilton, Jefferson, or Adams becoming president.
    • I encourage him to retire so that Hamilton, Jefferson or Adams becomes president.
    • I encourage him to retire so that I can run for president.
    • I have no urge to influence his decision.
  18. 18. France has abolished their monarchy, throwing our foreign relations in a quandry. How are you feeling about this?

    • This is a glorious day for we now have a sister Republic. May our grand alliance with France grow stronger!
    • With the end of the French monarchy we can claim our alliance with France is null and void, and we can seek closer relations to Great Britain, our natural ally.
    • I have no strong opinion in this matter.
  19. 19. You are well-aware of infighting between Jefferson and Hamilton in the cabinet. You've received letters from both men as feelers to see where your loyalties lie.

    • I'll respond to Hamilton supporting him and the Washington administration against internal critics. I'll also send him Jefferson's letter to expose his disloyalty.
    • I'll respond to Hamilton, supporting him and Washington, but I'll protect Jefferson's by not revealing his letter.
    • I'll respond to Jefferson, supporting his efforts to oppose Hamilton's influence in the administration. I'll also send him Hamilton's letter exposing his manipulations.
    • I'll respond to Jefferson to support his efforts opposing Hamilton, but I'll protect Hamilton by not revealing his letter.
    • I'll respond in favor of both of them just to keep receiving letters and possibly get them both in trouble, even if it backfires on me.
    • I'll respond to both but not commit to any support.
  20. 20. It's election day. Who do you vote for? [PICK EXACTLY TWO PLEASE]

    • Pres. George Washingotn of VA - officially independent but appointing c. 95% Federalists
    • VP John Adams of MA - Federalist
    • Gov of NY George Clinton of NY - Jeffersonian Republican
  21. 21. During the lame duck period, France executed the dethroned Louis XVI and declares war on Great Britain.

    • Like Jefferson, I support the French Revolutionary government and their nation in the war with our foe Great Britain
    • The French Revolution has gone too far and American Jacobin Societies are forming here. Stay silent in regards to the war, but condemn the violence of the French Revolution.
    • The French in killing our friend Louis XVI and inspiring radicals in our nation poses a domestic threat for us. Condemn the Revolution and urge support for Great Britain to prevent the Revolution's spread.
  22. 22. During the lame duck period, a Fugitive Slave Act has been proposed to sure up support for the Union in the South. How do you vote?

    • I reluctantly vote for the bill to ensure the stability of the Union
    • I support the bill as a protective measure for Southern property owners.
    • I will absent myself from the vote.
    • I oppose the measure as it forces free states to take part in returning escaped slaves.
    • I oppose the measure because I vocally oppose the continuation of slavery.
  23. 23. During the lame duck period, the House has decided to investigation Hamilton for corruption or to force him out of office.

    • I support the investigation only to see if corruption exists or not.
    • I support the investigation primary to oust Hamilton from the government, with potential corruption only a secondary motive.
    • I oppose the investigation of Hamilton to defend Hamilton from vicious enemies.
    • I have no real interest in this investigation.
  24. 24. Tomorrow is inauguration day. Washington and Adams have been reelected. How do you feel about Washington's presidency thus far?

    • Washington has my full support heading into his second term.
    • Washington has my support but I feel the nation is headed in the wrong direction.
    • I reluctantly support Washington only because we have no one better at the moment.
    • I am a critic of Washington, but I support the national effort to prevent domestic, economic, and foreign crises. So I wish him the best.
    • I maintain my criticism of Washington. Like Jefferson and Madison, I think Washington and Hamilton are secret monarchists who must be stopped.
    • I have no strong opinion of Washington.

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I chose Washington and Hancock for Question #3 because if I had been alive then I would have been comfortable with Hancock's resume.  With modern hindsight I would have chosen Adams among the choices you listed, but had I been an elector in 1788 and free to vote for anyone I would have voted for Washington and Franklin.   

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Fun thought exercise. I would be more opposed to Washington than I thought implanting my current beliefs into late 18th century America. 

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I only choose New York because I live in Los Angeles, so lets just say I was in NYC or something. My ancestors at this point were probably being exploited by the Spanish. Or they were Spanish. 

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23 minutes ago, Cenzonico said:

I only choose New York because I live in Los Angeles, so lets just say I was in NYC or something. My ancestors at this point were probably being exploited by the Spanish. Or they were Spanish. 

Mine were in MA, PA, and NJ, possibly also in MD. I was born in TX but only because these ancestors eventually have descendants in OH, where my mom was born, and then she and her dad moved to TX. My dad's family were Germans who moved to Texas in the latter half of the 19th century. 

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Since I have a bit more time now I'll elaborate my thoughts:

First, since it's the hot topic, I picked PA, for the Pennsylvania Dutch as being the most realistic option for me.  To actually get relatives you'd need to wait until the gilded age and Missouri, or even later and Oklahoma, neither of which are accurate for the modern day.

I see most of us are probably using hindsight, not going to complain about that, but I do find it odd that most responses seem pro-Hamilton yet also a high number of people seem ready to engage in the witch hunt of him basically just for the lols, heh.

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2 minutes ago, OrangeP47 said:

I see most of us are probably using hindsight, not going to complain about that, but I do find it odd that most responses seem pro-Hamilton yet also a high number of people seem ready to engage in the witch hunt of him basically just for the lols, heh.

Yeah, I was noticing that too. 

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4 minutes ago, OrangeP47 said:

also a high number of people seem ready to engage in the witch hunt of him basically just for the lols, heh.

As it should be. 

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