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Historical Scripted Events by Half-Term


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I'll post these as I finish each era:

  Scripted Events
Era of Independence  
1772-1773 8
1774-1775 11
1776-1777 10
1778-1779 8
1780-1781 3
1782-1783 3
1784-1785 6
1786-1787 7
Era Total 56


So the potential issue here is that the average range would be about 6-11 events per half term here, but we have a 4 year period of 3 each. I'm not going to make it urgent yet, but I may end up finding some flavor events for 1780-1783, and then make a range of 5-15 for Scripted Events for this era, or something to that effect. 

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Era of Neocons  
1972-1973 17
1974-1975 11
1976-1977 7
1978-1979 8
1980-1981 16
1982-1983 12
1984-1985 13
1986-1987 12
1988-1989 10
1990-1991 13
1992-1993 8
1994-1995 9
1996-1997 6
1998-1999 8
End of Era 150

This era is kind of low on events, mainly because we are starting to get to the present, which means we don't know what innovations, artists, inventors, writers and such in the 1980s will be as famous as the ones we knew about in, say, the year 1900. However, I'll flesh this out most likely at some point. 

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Era of Populism  
2012-2013 7
2014-2015 20
2016-2017 13
2018-2019 11
2020-2021 11
2022-2023 2
Era to present 64


2014-2015 is top-heavy. 

Overall, I won't add any new scripted events until early release is out, unless Anthony suggests otherwise. 

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58 minutes ago, OrangeP47 said:

Hey @vcczardid you ever finish this and put the events back in the original order so I can resume alt states?

No. I’ll have to figure out a way to do it without losing what I did. I can figure it out. I’m just need another moment. Might not come until tomorrow. 

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