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Crusader Kings III: Most Incestuous Monarch


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So I created an extremely healthy monarch who is now 117 years old. He has 2,600 descendants, most of whom have been married to each other. 

The albino King Magnus of Prussia at age 117 is now betrothed to the inbred alblno Milyuns----his newborn Great-great-great-great-great granddaughter!

  • Magnus is also the father of her mother Maria, a 17-year-old albino dwarf.
  • Magnus is also the father of her 33-year-old grandmother, Ziedas, an albino.
  • Magnus is also the father of her great-grandmother, 50-year-old Weslikan, an albino.
  • Magnus is also the father of her great-great grandmother, Betten, a 67-year-old albino.
  • Magnus is also the father of her great-great-great grandmother, Dagas, an albino who died at age 82, the previous year. 
  • Magnus is also the father of her great-great great-great grandmother, Weslikan, a gout-ridden albino who died at age 73 about 28 years previously. 
  • Only the great-great-great-great-great grandmother is not a produce of her husband-to-be. 

As such Magnus is Milyuns, husband to be, her father, grandfather, etc etc etc and 5x great grandfather. How Milyuns is the only one stricken with "inbred" in this line is beyond me. Most of the House of Prussia is inbred. Most family members are a multicombination of sibling-in-law, sibling, uncle, cousin, grandfather-sister (well maybe not that), but basically it's so confusing that this clan knows they're related to one another in many ways but it is probably too complicated to keep track. 

I doubt Magnus lives long enough to officially marry Milyuns, but this is all kind of funny since it isn't a real-life situation (it would be perverted in real life). When Magnus dies I'm going to marry all the inbred people into the other Houses of Europe and spread the symptoms. Biological warfare!

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