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Washington's Presidency Poll: Second Term


Washington's Presidency Poll: Second Term  

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  1. 1. Take the First Term Poll first, please. Did you take that poll?

    • Yes, I did.
    • No, I don't want to.
  2. 2. Several Democratic-Republican Clubs, modeled on the Sons of Liberty and French Jacobin clubs open up. Do you become a member?

    • Yes, I join the political club to promote Republican values--Viva The French Revolution! Viva the American Revolution!
    • No, these political clubs are dangers because they could inspired a Paris-like Reign of Terror in America against Jefferson's opponents.
    • No, but only because I'm not the type to join clubs.
  3. 3. The controvesial Citizen Genet, France's minister to the US, has arrived in Charleston, encouraging support for the French in their war. Washington is conflicted with meeting him. What do you advise?

    • Accept Genet as minister and embrace him publicly as we would any ally, even if it could trigger war with Great Britain.
    • Accept Genet as minister only to avoid war with France, but do not receive him warmly so as not to incur Great Britain's wrath.
    • Forbid Genet from seeing the president and demand France recall him. America should not recognize a Republic that endorses the murder of political opponents.
    • Decline to advise Washington
  4. 4. Washington unilaterally declares Neutrality in the French Revolution. What is your most immediate reaction?

    • This is unconstitutional! A step towards monarchy! Congress has the power to declare war; therefore, Congress should have the power to declare neutrality!
    • This is the right approach, regardless if Washington or Congress has the right to declare neutrality. We can't risk being engaged in war now that we're building a nation.
    • We have betrayed our ally France! They assured our Republic, and we should have assured theirs!
    • We should have sided with Great Britain! Doing so would strengthen the bonds with our cousins--our natural allies who share our language and literature! The top trading nation in the world!
    • I have no opinion.
  5. 5. Citizen Genet is ordering captured British ships into American ports and outfitting the as privateers, while also encouraging Americans to serve on these ships in the war. What do you do?

    • Urge Washington to confront Genet and have France recall him.
    • Aid Genet in his quest to defend the French Republic
    • I am not interested in anything Genet says or does.
  6. 6. The British are intercepting and capturing merchants trading with the French and impressing sailors from those ships into their navy, many of whom are American citizens or residents.

    • We can't demand the end of British impressment at this time. For one, they won't listen to us. Secondly, we don't want to risk war with them.
    • To hell with the British! Demand an end of British impressment even if it means the British invade us from Canada and from the sea!
    • Do nothing. Those merchant sailors know the risk their taking by trading with Britain's enemy during a war.
    • This is too convoluted for me. I'll keep my mouth shut even if I lose political support.
  7. 7. Jeffersonian Newspapers, led by Frenau and Bache (grandson of Franklin), are consistently attacking the Washington administration, accusing them of monarchial designs and etc.

    • I support the free press, regardless of any misleading information they print or any violence they incite.
    • I support the free press, but I support potential censorship if they promote any of the violence as is seen in the Reign of Terror in France.
    • Washington and his administration need special protection, so they can do their job without the proliferation of dissent. We should forbid attacks on the government!
    • Frenau and Bache are going too far. Snuff out the Jeffersonian media.
    • I'm not interested in what the media says or does.
  8. 8. Washington recalls Citizen Genet for going over his head to appeal to the American people to join the French in their war. However, before Genet leaves, we find out that the French plan to execute Genet.

    • Fiend or friend, we can't send Genet to his death. Grant him sanctuary in the US, provided he behaves himself. Although this could upset France.
    • Genet has no editing mechanism. He'll keep causing trouble both rhetorically and in action. Send him back to France to his death.
    • We can both save him and punish him by imprisoning him for his actions, although this could lead to war with France.
    • I'm not going to bloody my hands with this debate.
  9. 9. A 6-month-long yellow fever epidemic in the capital of Philadelphia is killing 100 people per day (10% of the city would die). The streets are empty. What do you do?

    • Like most of the politicians, I'm going to go to my home state/home town and wait this out.
    • Government needs to function, I'll go with those staying in Germantown, just outside the City of Philadelphia.
    • I'll stay in Philadelphia to show off my robust health among those infected.
  10. 10. At the State of the Union, Pres. Washington calls for military preparedness as war with Great Britain or France could occur whether we wish to avoid it or not.

    • Condemn Washington's speech as a ploy to build up the military to increase the authority of the government.
    • Support Washington's speech as we must be prepared for the worst.
    • Ignore providing an offficial response to the speech, merely clapping for the president as a show of national support.
  11. 11. Jefferson's last action as Sec of State is to call for restrictions on British trade as a punishment for on-going British impressment. Both Washington and Hamilton oppose this aggressive action.

    • We shouldn't punish American consumers and risk war against Britain just because they're impressing captured American sailors into their navy to fight a war.
    • I support Jefferson in this, even if it risks war or hurts our economy. It is important that the British are punished in some way and a economic/diplomatic punishment is a better alternate to joining a war.
    • I wish to stay quiet on this, even if it upsets my voters.
  12. 12. A bill has been proposed to create a standing navy with the construction of six newfangled frigates capable of warfare.

    • I support this bill wholeheartedly for a national defense and for the protection of our fleets. May they discourage British impressment.
    • I oppose the frigates because I oppose big spending projects.
    • I oppose the frigates because a standing navy will only encourage us to go on more military escapades.
    • I will absent myself from this vote.
  13. 13. The British are impressing American sailors, riling up Native American tribes in the West, and are potentially mobilizing in Canada to the North. As such, Washington is seeking out a treaty to avoid war.

    • We're screwed. We're best off requesting to be annexed back to the Crown! We love you King George III!
    • Damn treaties. We should call out the militia and mobilize at the Canadian border and in the wilderness West of the Appalachian Mountains!
    • I support seeking a treaty with Great Britain, but only if the negotiator isn't a monarchists like Hamilton, John Jay, or Gouverneur Morris! Send Jefferson or Monroe!
    • I support seeking a treaty with Great Britain and it is important to send a British-friendly negotiator who can win the peace. Send Hamilton, Jay, or Morris.
    • I say, don't send negotiators, and let's just see what happens.
  14. 14. A rebellion has broken out in Western PA over the Whiskey tax. One federal official has been killed and they are heading for an arsenal. What do you do?

    • Call on Washington to call forth and lead a militia to squash the rebellion. Hang the leaders!
    • Call on Washington to call forth and lead a militia to squash the rebellion. But pardon the participants if they back down in the face of government troops.
    • Hamilton is to blame. Repeal is muddleheaded whiskey tax. That will end the rebellion. The people have spoken!
    • The rebels should be punished for using violence, but calling out troops against US citizens is a monarchial move. Leave the issue to Pennsylvania to handle on their own!
  15. 15. John Jay has negotiated a treaty to secure peace with Great Britain, but the terms are quite harsh, although certain to prevent war. Do you ratify the treaty?

    • I will ratify the treaty as it guarantees that we won't be invanded and allows us time to strengthen our new country and our military. It also opens trade for us in the West Indies, compensates merchants for lost goods,and Britain will vacate their forts in the West.
    • I oppose ratification because I want to force a war with Britain because it means we will have to reestablish our alliance with France. Viva la france!
    • I oppose ratification because it makes no attempt to end British Impressment.
    • I oppose ratification because it makes gives Britain Most Favored Nation trade status without requiring them to do the same for us.
  16. 16. In reaction to the Jay Treaty, a mob has gathered around Washington's executive mansion, some hanging effigies of Washington and Jay. What do you do in light of this?

    • I publicly defend the mob.
    • I ignore comment on the mob, but I secretly support them.
    • While I agree with the sentiment of the mob, I am aghast at the more radical supporters of Jefferson and Madison.
    • This almost crosses the line, but free speech must be maintained.
    • Call on Congress to fund security around the executive mansion, even if it smacks of monarchy.
    • The troops should be called out to open fire on the mob, and the leaders of this mob--including Jefferson and Madison, ought to be investigated.
  17. 17. Att Gen Edmund Randolph has been exposed in a letter claiming that he would resolve the Whiskey Rebellion in a way most favorable to France. What do you do?

    • Arrest Randolph for treason.
    • Encourage Washington to compel Randolph to resign and allow Randolph to defend himself without putting him on trial.
    • In what way could France really benefit from the Whiskey Rebellion? It's just words. Let Randolph remain in the cabinet.
    • Support Randolph's correspondence and argue that Randolph is being destroyed by High Federalists such as Hamilton who have no taste for moderates.
    • I'm not interested in this issue.
  18. 18. Pres. Washington has submitted several new appointments during this time, which nominees do you support? *Check all that you support*

    • I reject all of his nominations
    • John Rutledge of SC for Chief Justice - Federalist
    • Timothy Pickering of MA for Sec of State - Federalist
    • James McHenry of MD for Sec of War - Federalist
    • Oliver Wolcott Jr of CT for Sec of Treasury - Federalist
    • William Bradford of PA for Att Gen - Federalist
    • James Monroe of VA for Amb to France - Jeffersonian Republican
  19. 19. Thomas Pinckney has signed a treaty with Spain to define the borders between the US and Spain and to secure navigation rights for the US in the lower Mississippi and in New Orleans.

    • I will ratify this treaty because it will boost trade and prevent war with Spain.
    • I oppose ratifying this treaty because war with Spain would allow us to take New Orleans and Spanish Florida.
  20. 20. Chief Justice John Rutledge of SC was a recess appointment. During his term as Chief Justice he's been unusually vocal and attacking anyone that disagrees with him publicly. He fails to secure confirmation, so Oliver Ellsworth of CT is nominated to replace him.

    • I support Ellsworth as Chief Justice of the SC.
    • I reject Ellsworth only because I want to force a revote for John Rutledge to see if he can regain his office.
    • I reject Ellsworth because the entire judiciary is Federalist and we don't need another Federalist.
  21. 21. Lafayette's son begs Washington to use his office to release his father from prison. What do you advise Washington to do?

    • Washington and other potential donors could collect funds for Lafayette's family, but we should in no way busy ourselves in commiting an action that could trigger a foreign relations crisis.
    • Lafayette is our friend! Use whatever meagre diplomatic pressure we may have to encourage Lafayette's release.
    • This is not of our concern.
  22. 22. Washington declines to send executive correspondence relating to the Jay Treaty to the House investigation on the Jay Treaty. How do you respond?

    • Washington has the right to withold executive branch documents from the legislative branch due to the seperation of powers. Only impeachment can compel an executive branch investigation.
    • By hiding the documents, Washington and Jay are only proving that they're likely secret monarchists. How are we supposed to combat corruption if we can't investigate the executive branch?
    • Investigations bore me. I'll let them fight it out.
  23. 23. Amb to France James Monroe has been found attacking Washington and the administration anonymously in Bache's newspaper Aurora. How do you react?

    • I defend Monroe's free speech and declare him indespensible to the nation and that he should not be punished.
    • I argue that Monroe is in the wrong, but that he should not be fired or compelled to resign if he publicly apologizes.
    • Monroe must have been temporarily insane to have done that. I'm all in favor of his removal.
    • Treason, I say! Shave his head and have him paraded around town in a cloak made from skin of penguins! Then, lock him up and make him swallow the key, after you change the locks!
  24. 24. Partisanship is clearly defined in Washington's 2nd term, tell us your thoughts? *Check all the apply*

    • I am a supporter of Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe--the Jeffersonian Republican cause is the will of the people and the spirit of 1776!
    • I am a supporter of Hamilton and Jay and the on-going politicies of the Washington administration.
    • I take no part in party politics and I favor no party over the other.
    • I believe that Washington has certainly been an independent, giving no preference for Hamilton over Jefferson as some claim.
    • Washington embodies the spirit of 1776 and the Jeffersonian ideal of government.
    • Washington is a hypocrit! Every office appointed has been given to a Federalists--all of the justices are Federalists. He's forced out Jefferson, Randolph, and Monroe, the only Jeffersonians. Washington is a Federalist.
    • I do not think the political parties actually exist.
  25. 25. Washington publishes his Farewell Address. How do you react?

    • Tears of profound sadness! He should have sought a 3rd term, especially as we are still in crisis.
    • Tears of joy! Better days are ahead! Now Jefferson can run for president!
    • This is a sad day, but it is a testament to Washington that he is willing to relinquish power. May the next man be as honorable.
    • I sense no response in myself. Am I a sociopath?
  26. 26. Who do you vote for in the 1796 Election? *PICK EXACTLY TWO PEOPLE PLEASE*

    • VP John Adams of MA - Federalist
    • Fmr Sec of State Thomas Jefferson of VA - Jeffersonian
    • Fmr Gov of SC Thomas Pinckney of SC - Federalist
    • Sen of NY Aaron Burr of NY - Jeffersonian
    • Gov of MA Samuel Adams of MA - Jeffersonian
    • Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth of CT - Federalist
    • Fmr Gov of NY George Clinton of NY - Jeffersonian
    • Gov of NY John Jay - Federalist
  27. 27. During the lame duck session, Thomas Paine publishes an essay accusing Washington of incompetence as a general, a hypocrit, and letting him rot in prison before Monroe saved him. How do you respond?

    • Paine, once the great man of Common Sense, is obviously insane.
    • I'll personally pay for the proliferation of this essay. What crime against a hero of the Revolution!
    • There's obviously some sort of miscommunication here. And I won't bog myself down in this drama.
  28. 28. How do you view Washington's second term of his presidency?

    • I support the presidency of Washington!
    • He was our best available man, but I feel the nation is headed in the wrong direction.
    • I am lukewarm towards him, enough so that I can neither applaud or condemn him.
    • I grew in my opposition of his presidency. Good riddence to the pawn of Hamilton!

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A lot of these questions didn't have answers that satisfied me, though some of that was because I lean pro-France Federalist, which doesn't really align with the times.  The first term was easier to navigate, but if we're RPing as politicians, I'd probably have to focus on some local issues to maintain popularity because I've got the waffle-iron this time.

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It's hard for me to express on some of these issues because they're really complex and hard to look at through a no-hindsight lens. Also some questions are hard to navigate since I'd be a more unusual politician at the time, being a northern Clinton-esque DR.

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The story of Genet is actually interesting.

When he is sent to the US it is by the Girondins who are provincialist bourgeois MPs, who mostly voted against the execution of King Louis XVI. But by June 1793 the Jacobins take power (Genet wasn't one of them) and they tried to get his head and Hamilton convinced the US to grant him asylum.

The political story of the french revolution is fascinating, particulary political evolutions.

For example Bonaparte grew up as corsican independentist, than Jacobin/Girondin depending of the moment (while saying that Louis XVI had been too weak with his people) and he ended up founding bonapartism.

Anyways I love your poll, it's very detailed and quite interesting in historical retrospect.

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It will take a bit until I get to John Adams's presidency. I can't find my bio of Adams and I maybe left it in Texas 5ish years ago. I'll have to buy it again at some point. I'm reading a Jefferson bio now. I'll go back to Adams after Jefferson. I won't post Jefferson's presidency until after I post Adams's. So it could be a few weeks or more. 

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