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I'm curious what kind of idealistic legislation we can come up with as hypothetical legislation. Basically, I want you to think of laws that you wish existed, but has never been proposed.

For instance, if you think "the stock market is evil and creates inequality in wealth, " you might think, "What if the stockmarket were abolished?" Therefore, a bill you might suggest would be "Abolish the Stock Market" or "Make Stock Trading Illegal." 

So think about what laws you wish existed and wish were acceptable or allowable in a "perfect world." 

p.s. the stock market ideas is not really my own opinion, although I sympathize with the idea of it. 

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Don't know if this topic is still getting attention, but an idea I had for those of us that are infrastructure nerds:  Audit and Trim Excess Interstate Highway Routes

I say this as someone who absolutely loves the interstate highway system, despite the environment impact meaning other forms of transit are objectively better:  There are a lot of useless vestigial routes and projects that basically linger on forever as the remnant of some grand design that are never going to get trimmed because it'd be 95% political suicide to actually take such funding away even if the project is indefinitely on hold.  But what if someone manged to ram cancelations through in the other 5% of their political career?

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