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As we know A More Perfect Union covers the US. 

I plan on making a game called A More Perfect Kingdom for the UK, covering part of that history. 

I plan also on making one that covers only the French Revolution, with a possibiliy of adding on Napoleon's reign, called A More Perfect _____. 

What should that last word be? A More Perfect Government? A More Perfect Order?

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3 minutes ago, 10centjimmy said:


But then you'd probably have to qualify it,  "A More Perfect Revolution: France 1788 - 18xx"


Then you could always do other revolutions with factions vying for control, like Mexico, Russia, the Gran Colombia etc 

I doubt I'll do them. I can't see myself going beyond US, UK, France, and Germany, mainly because I at least have some foundation in my readings and studies cover these nations. 

A More Perfect Revolution was my first thought actually, but I'm hoping to find a better alternative. 

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I added my first statesman to the French Rev game--Jean Sylvain Bailly, who was arguably the leading figure in the first few years of the Revolution, at least as far as holding the paramount leadership position among Revolutionaries. One thing I notice is a lot of the terminology is going to be different--expertise, interest, traits. There's also a lot more complexity, politically than in AMPU. For instance, Bailly is politically a moderate, but he's also a reformist, civil rights, and secularist (new interest). By USA standards, he was basically be Prog or LW Pop, but he's only a moderate in the French Rev as he still wants a Constitutional Monarchy. 

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Full Name
Jean Sylvain Bailly
Jean Georges Lefranc de Pompignan
Jean Joseph Mounier
Honore Gabriel de Mirabeau

These are the first four French statesmen I've added for the French Rev game. Mirabeau would have the name recognition among the French that someone like Franklin, Hamilton, or Jefferson does in America, I think. Mountier and Bailly would probably be about Monroe-tier name recognition. I've never heard of Pompignan, although I've probably read the name in the past. 

Bailly was the first leader among the 3rd Estate reformists and was followed by Pompignan, who seems to have just been more of a placeholder for the top office without exerted any sort of leadership. Mounier founded the moderate political club. Mirabeau lead the early pre-radical Jacobin and shifted moderate to try and gain the King's favor, while also being the leading advocate of reform. Very complex guy. 

Of these, Mirabeau probably has the highest draft value. 

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