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1860 A Nation Tearing Apart

Sean F Kennedy

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The 1860 election begins after James Buchanan follows through with his promise not to run for a second term, leaving the Democratic Party ripping in two with mostly Northern Democrats supporting popular sovereignty spearheaded by Stephen Douglas, and Southern Democrats wanting outright protection of slavery. Meanwhile the newly formed Republican Party looks to learn from past mistakes from the 1856 election. Meanwhile The Constitutional Union Party looks to preserve the Union over every other issue. How will the election play out? Will any party receive a majority of Electoral College votes? Will this become a repeat of 1824?

(This will be starting after the holiday season but possibly before the start of 2023)

Republican Candidates 

  • Abraham Lincoln, former representative from Illinois
  • William Seward, senator from New York @Hestia
  • Simon Cameron, senator from Pennsylvania
  • Salmon P. Chase, governor of Ohio @matthewyoung123
  • Edward Bates, former representative from Missouri @ShortKing
  • John McLean, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court @Arkansas Progressive
  • Benjamin Wade, senator from Ohio @WVProgressive
  • William L. Dayton, former senator from New Jersey
  • Caccius Clay, former member of Kentucky House of Representatives @Fbarbarossa
    Northern Democrats 
  • Stephen Douglas, senator from Illinois @Rezi
  • James Guthrie, former treasury secretary from Kentucky
  • Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter, senator from Virginia
  • Joseph Lane, senator from Oregon
  • Daniel S. Dickinson, former senator from New York
  • Andrew Johnson, senator from Tennessee
    Southern Democrats 
  • John C. Breckinridge, Vice President of the United States
  • Daniel S. Dickinson, former senator from New York
  • Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter, senator from Virginia @Cenzonico
  • Joseph Lane, senator from Oregon
  • Jefferson Davis, senator from Mississippi @Pringles
    Constitutional Unionists 
  • John Bell, former senator from Tennessee
  • Sam Houston, governor of Texas @The Blood
  • John J. Crittenden, senator from Kentucky
  • Edward Everett, former senator from Massachusetts
  • William A. Graham, former senator from North Carolina
  • William C. Rives, former senator from Virginia 

Just let me know what candidates you’d be interested in, if you want someone who isn’t in the list just ask and we might be able to work something out. 

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Benjamin Wade writes a letter to Horace Geeeley of the New York Tribune talking about his support for abolishing slavery, and giving freed slaves equal rights to white Americans, hoping that the letter will be published, and spur increased support for Wade.

Wade’s surrogates spread rumors about William H Seward being a secret Catholic in order to undermine his support among Protestants.

Wade supporters in Pennsylvania set up The Liberty Bell Tribune, a state-wide newspaper dedicated to polemicizing the Senator’s opponents, and boosting the Senator, and his allies.

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Hunter decides to pursue a strategy of portraying himself as "Dixie's last hope" to shock, strike fear, and woo delegates into supporting him. 

Hunter takes a direct approach and meets with delegates from South Carolina, a bleeding ground of proud dixiemen and gives rousing speeches where he invokes the proud heritage we all share and how he will defend southern values from northern tyranny. "And you know what Davis will do? Sit back as the Yankee's destroy the values and institutions we all hold dear."

Hunter publicly makes scathing remarks about Jefferson hoping for it to gain traction, fear mongering what would happen if delegates sided with him. "Give it to Davis, and he'll sell out so fast we'll all be forced to submit to a new negro order. Sponsored by the North of course." 


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Chase attempts to gather support and endorsement for his candidacy from his good friend, Massachusetts Governor Nathaniel Banks.

Chase decides to meet directly with delegates from states outside his home of Ohio to remind them that he is one of the true founders of the Republican Party and to encourage them to continue to pursue a policy of restricting the extension of slavery and promoting more opportunities for greater public education.

Chase also makes an appeal to Independent Democrats, hoping that they will join his campaign.

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Jefferson Davis knows a bombastic movement from him will likely be detrimental to his success. So he plans to run things on a tight ship, with limited appearances. Showtime might be scarce, but quality over quantity is always better. Davis will employ his most loyal men to go on the delegate floor and run a schmooze & coercion operation on the delegates. Bribery, blackmail, you name it. Whatever keeps the delegates in line. You go with Davis and you may very well have a candidate who can become President: Or you lose. 

Davis won't even bother to wade into the loud "show man" talk his opponent likes... however, he'll get his pals talking about 2 key issues. And framing the entire nomination around this. 1. Preservation of a Union that respects the Southern way of life. 2. Re-opening of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Point one ensures enough moderacy to not lose votes in the border states or even midwest should fusion tickets occur. Point two will hopefully force a reaction by Hunter, and keep the plantation Elite in line. 

Davis will speak with the Virginia delegation, hoping to solidify support in the "border delegates." As he knows outside of Mississippi his deep southern appeal could be lacking.

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Bates will return to his birthplace, Virginia, to gauge the openness the state delegation has to supporting his bid for the Republican nomination.

Bates will emphasize his service in both chambers of Missouri's legislature and as the state Attorney General and representing the state in the US House of Representatives to the Missouri delegation to hold his home state's delegation. 

Bates will have his allies publish editorials in the local papers boosting his candidacy and record of service. 

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