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Best Oval Office Decor


Oval Office Decor  

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  1. 1. Check out the link in the original post, and then respond to, "Which president had the best oval office decor?"

    • Taft
    • Wilson
    • Harding
    • Coolidge
    • Hoover
    • FDR
    • Truman
    • Eisenhower
    • JFK
    • LBJ
    • Nixon
    • Ford
    • Carter
    • Reagan
    • GHW Bush
    • Clinton
    • GW Bush
    • Obama
    • Trump
    • Biden

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Tough one between Truman, Ford, and Clinton, but I love the rug that Ford picked out. If Truman had some darling couches like the other two had, he probably would have won out, I just love the sea foam green look for the walls!

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JFK and Reagan have the best imo. In fact, if you had Reagan's with the dark blue rug, it'd be perfect (making sure to match up some of the smaller items of course). Nixon's is a little freaky but I like it. I hate the green walls of the Truman-Eisenhower years. Biden's isn't bad. 

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Taft-FDR: Green is a horrible color. Gods no.

Truman/Eisenhower: Great, natural color scheme. But ruined by how close the couch is to the desk.

Kennedy: Ruined by the red carpet. 

LBJ: The correct choice. Everything in that room has the right color scheme and placement.

Nixon: Navy Blue and whatever the fuck the yellow-orange is, that's the worst color scheme on earth.

Ford: Why does your carpet have a design that is the ugliest shit on earth.

Carter: Ford but his couch placement is straight from the seventh circle of hell.

Reagan. Almost had it but the red pillows and the carpet having a design ruins it.

HW Bush: Probably the second best but the marble-ass looking couches bring it down/

Clinton: Again, navy blue sucks as carpet, and the Where's Waldo couches make me depressed.

W Bush: That Carpet is like Reagan's but worse.

Obama: Solid except for the Red Drapes.

Trump: Solid except for the return of the Marble Couches.

Biden: I will carpet bomb all navy blue carpets on the planet.

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6 minutes ago, ShortKing said:

it signifies the optimism of a new day, Rezi smh my head

Who cares about symbolism the carpet is ugly


Also lol at the optimism of a new day during the bush administration

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4 hours ago, vcczar said:

I think LBJ and GHW Bush had the best decor. 

I would probably drastically update the oval office if I were president, but I also see myself not even using the room. 

You inspired me to do some reading on the Office itself, and I saw many Presidents just use the small study in the hallway next to the ceremonial office as a working office. You probably already knew that though.

bushoffice.jpg.836a2f876d45e044949c091062d1fe5a.jpg obamaoffice.jpg.4b92be048bf889968131cddf4af4625e.jpg

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