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Best Pope of the 21st Century


Best Pope Poll  

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  1. 1. Who has been the best Pope of the three?

    • Pope John Paul II
    • Pope Benedict XIV
    • Pope Francis

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Francis, narrowly, all of them did horrifically little to counter the rampant child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, but at least Francis did something - not a lot, and not nearly enough, mind you - but that still makes him better than Benedict, and John Paul by default.

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Surprised to see not a lot of John Paul II votes. By far the most humanitarian of the bunch imo. Then again, I'm not Catholic. I've never agreed with a lot Catholic doctrine, nor the concept of the Pope. But I recognize their efforts and attempted efforts to do good. They're all human just as much as we are. All of them could've done a lot better concerning child abuse. 

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