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Welcome to Farport City a small autonomous state that sits in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Originally colonized during early journeys to the Americas Farport Island became known as a rest stop of sorts for those travelling to the new world and as time went on it became an important centre of trade between America and Europe. Now as the 1920s boom the island city state booms with it sitting perfectly between the great economies of the US and the UK.

The Regions of Farport Island

The North: 7 Legislature Seats

The North is the most sparely populated area. It contains the small amount of countryside that the island is home to, dotted with farms and patches of woods.

The South: 18 Legislature Seats

The South is the area that benefits from the current climate the most, home to multiple businesses and casinos it is the economic centre of Farport.

The East: 22 Legislature Seats

The East is the home of the ports, currently it is booming. Many working class Farporters are employed here though due to the nature of the docks there is also a high crime rating.

The West: 14 Legislature Seats

The West is home to the upper crust of Farport, the islands richest and most influential reside here.

The Inner City: 25 Legislature Seats

Another working class hub, much more diverse than the East however. Currently teetering between prosperity and collapse, the handling of this area will be important.


If you're interested in this RP please respond and pitch to me a party!

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@Fbarbarossa Is this party acceptable, or should I change some things?

The good times are rolling in Farport, but with this prosperity comes moral degradation, environmental destruction, and a loss of national identity. The elites of the nation grow fat, and rich as immigrants flood the streets, international financers buyout family owned businesses, and the youth are exposed daily to subversive ideals from the media to the schools. The National Renewal Party has been formed by a collection of veterans, small businessmen, right-wing intellectuals, and conservationists to oppose this rancid status-quo. The NRP is a Third-Positionist, Anti-Parliamentarian, Nativist, Anti-Clerical, Eco-Fascist, Corporatist, Isolationist, and Traditionalist political party led by Ret. Commodore Aldous Blair.

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In the West of Farport Island, the patriarchs of rich and esteemed families smoke on their pipes, staring into mellowly burning fireplaces as they remember to cut the Farport Civic Group another check before the upcoming elections...

Established as one of Farport City's first political parties, the Farport Civic Group stands as the old guard of the nation's politics, representing paternalism, aristocracy, and traditional conservatism in city government. Despite forming as a reaction to the rise of liberalism in Farport, the Group now prides itself as a bulwark against the extremes on both sides of the aisle, honoring parliamentarianism and liberal democracy so long as the city's wealthy elites and moral paragons maintain ultimate control over the path of the country. Policy-wise, the party strongly advocates for police funding to secure public safety, a slow-and-steady economic agenda featuring measured government intervention and a reliance on tariffs and Pigouvian taxes to fund government spending, and a defense of Christian and family values in government policy and laws. Along with the wealthy of Farport, the Civic Group targets Christian voters, small businessowners, and the upper middle class, hoping to build a coalition capable of guiding Farport into a morally just and properly governed future.

The current leader of the Farport Civic Group is William B. Lankford, the young and intelligent successor to the Lankford business and political dynasty which has led the Civic Group for three generations. Despite his quick wit and immense knowledge, William often receives criticism for his stuffy, old-fashioned attitudes and demeanor, though he brushes these criticisms off as the complaining of those far too uneducated and unmannered to deserve to lead Farport.

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"Enough is enough! For too long the wealth and industry of Farport has been fueled by the blood and sweat of our labor," exclaimed Ulrich Schleswig, President of the Farporter Federation of United Labor (FFUL), to a crowd of excited dockworkers in Eastern Farport. 

The FFUL has grown to become the largest unified labor organization in Farport since the recent merger between the League of Farporter Machinists and the Farporter Dock and Transport Collaborative. The labor movement is very tenuous, following a number of strikes and repressive actions by the government in the late 19th Century.  Tensions have risen in 1920 following rapid economic expansion. Many labor leaders have noted concerns about the lack of engagement of the ruling class with the working class, leading to the recent merger and foundation of a political arm under the FFUL. FFUL President Schleswig, son of immigrants, has called for renewed political activism in support of laborers' demands of basic Healthcare, reasonable working conditions, and better access to the wealth of the city.  Time will tell if Farport is ready for the goals of FFUL.

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"Tell me, what has made our great isle of Farport so great? Is it our beautiful beaches? It helps. Our terrain? It's beautiful but no. The people? We certainly help contribute. But what really has made us so great is our trade. We sit in a powerful position, being between two great powers. We facilitate their trade, house their sailors, and in return Farport showers in wealth and prosperity. But we can do more, we can do even better! All we need is to be hands-off and let do. Laissez-faire as our friends in France would say."

Simply called "Prosperity", this party mainly represents the interests of industry and capital and advocates for a classical-liberal platform. Free markets, individuality, freedom, limited government, the whole shebang. Socially, the party opposes Farport going full welfare state, broadly takes the liberal side on social issues (much to the chagrin of the SoCon faction), and is overall cosmopolitan in its outlook. Big business and sections of the intelligentsia are the wheels of the party.


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The Development League of Farport (DLF) stands in the political center of the greater stage of Farporter political parties. DLF was originally formed in the late 1890s by real estate mogul Oliver Hoover Sr as a coalition of voters standing up for a single proposition: increasing tourism attraction. 

As the group grew, it expanded from a single-issue political group to a loose coalition of voters in support of developing the Farporter tourism industry, creating tax incentives for businesses and banks to headquarter on the island, and generally economic development projects. 

Today, the DLF is best described as moderate pro-industrial development, pro-tourism, pro-deregulation, anti-tax, and pro-neutrality in diplomatic affairs. The DLFs economic conservatism is counterbalanced in part by the party’s more liberal social views and early support of women’s suffrage. 

Following Hoover Sr’s stepping down from party leadership for health reasons, Oliver Hoover II has succeeded him as party secretary. Hoover II gained political prominence due to his assistance in the Great War. Hoover II worked to get food supplies from other countries into Belgium, creating supply lines from South America to Europe and earning international recognition for his humanitarian work. 

With Hoover II taking over, some political commentators have noted that the DLF is approaching on identity crisis. Hoover II represented a move away from international neutrality and towards a firm relationship with the Triple Entente Bloc that currently reign Supreme in Europe. 

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NRP: 7

The NRP hits a chord with paternalistic orientated voters and nationalists, a building demographic in Farport

FCG: 2

The Farport Civic Group seems to be on a downswing lately, it's dominance challenged by new political groups such as Prosperity and the NRP.


The FFUL emerged to a strong base of support, it spoke to the average worker of Farport, a group that feels as though they're being left behind with the economic boom.


Prosperity has resonated with voters who desire an open, free trade based Farport as well as those who want to avoid groups such as the FFUL while keeping with Liberal social views

DLF: 2

The DLFs identity crisis is showing. As the party struggles with itself it struggles with voters, many of its supporters are drawn away by the change in platform and others by the struggle.

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Can I ask for some clarification on what the political system is here? Is Farport simply a mega-city with a mega-city council? Is there a constitution akin to the US one? Women’s suffrage? 

And lastly, are we a current/former British colony, or from whom? 

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Sure! So Farport is run by a legislature and a mayor. It's a current colony, in the style of Canada and is more built on common law than a constitution. Women's suffrage is only for women over 30

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Secretary Hoover II announces that he is running for a City Councilman position in the Eastern District of Farport. This announcement followed speculation that, like his father before him, Hoover II would seek election in the Northern District. Hoover II hits the ground running and reassures longterm supporters that the DLF will be committed to its same core values: increasing business investment and supporting progress in all areas of society. (Event 1)

The DLF begins fostering ties with the larger landowners in the Northern District, seeing the region as a huge opportunity for economic development and industry that has yet gone untapped. (Event 2)

Finally, Hoover II urges his supporters across the island to vote strategically. He offers a tentative endorsement of the @Cenzonico Prosperity candidate for Farport City Mayor, noting that he believes that the Development League and Prosperity have the potential to govern a coalition capable of passing common sense free market reform. Privately, Hoover is aware that the DLF's chances in the mayoral election are next to none and that by endorsing the Prosperity candidate, the DLF avoids supporter disenchantment that would come with a resounding defeat. (Event 3)

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The National Renewal Party will march through the inner city, specifically targeting minority neighborhoods in an attempt to attract anti-fascist violence. Once they reach City Hall, Aldous Blair will announce that he is running for Mayor of Farport, promising to restrict immigration, fight social degeneracy, and move towards total independence for Farport.

Blair will campaign across the island's northern region, proclaiming the National Renewal Party as the only organization on the island fighting for rural communities, and their way of life.

The NRP will begin forming a paramilitary branch dubbed the Young Men's Militia for National Pride, nicknamed the Blueshirts for the color of their uniforms. Party leader Aldous Blair will double as the group's commander in chief, and the group will be tasked with providing security for all party functions.

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FFUL President Schleswig finalizes papers to run for Mayor of Farport, and announces his intention to run to a packed crowd in Farport Civic Auditorium (located in Inner City), calling for fair wages and an equal seat at the table for working men and women of the city. 

FFUL candidates for the city legislature in the Eastern District hold a unity parade culminating in a live concert and series of speeches outlining the party plans at the Eastern Marina/dock yard.

Schleswig and his supporters meet with representatives of the Southern District's Casinos and local businesses to determine a path forward on mutual prosperity, noting that the industries' success in the district depends on the working class. 

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(Event 1)

Meeting of delegates at the Prosperity leadership convention 



Roll call for the sixth ballot is finished. 120 out of the 225 delegates present are needed. 

Rosewill - 120

Simmons - 105

With the 120 delegates required, I do hereby declare Jonah Rosewill leader of the Prosperity party!

Jonah is considered by many to be a goofball pick. Rowdy at heart, you can usually find him drinking to his heart’s content at bars across the Inner City. If he’s not doing that, then he’s watching theater of some kind. So how has he gotten to this point? Well being the heir to a business empire helps out quite a lot. Pair that with charisma and emotional intelligence and you get Jonah Rosewill!

Rosewill walks up to the center stage among a mix of cheers and jeers. 

“Is he… sober?” 

“Surprisingly, yes he is.”

“I own Hilda hundred bucks now. Fuck!”

“What is this? The fifthteenth time you’ve lost a bet to her? Why don't you two just kiss already?"

“Oh shut up you. Jonah is about to begin speaking anyway.”

“Alright my friends. Settle down, settle down. First, I want to thank all of the candidates who vied for leadership for a tough race. Especially you Simmons. You’re somehow a bastard that everyone can love! Anyway, my fellow ladies and gentlemen. We are all gathered today not just because we needed a leader. We are here because we all are like minded individuals. We all wish to see Farport become a prosperous island. One where any and everyone can come here and find a better life. What separates us from the opposition is how we do it. Some of our friends wish to close us off and make us invisible to the world. Others seem to believe in the backwards teachings of Marx. But then there is us, a party dedicated to prosperity. Not for a few select people, but the people. Us! So to everyone here, we got some work to do. And I pledge to make sure that I will lead our party into a true fighting force. Let's work for Farport everyone!"

(Event 2)

Jonah announces his run for mayor a day after, unveiling his slogan of "Free Markets, Free People, Free Minds". He goes into more detail in a newspaper interview, tackling questions and laying out his platform of laissez-faire capitalism, social liberalism, and low taxes. He also thanks the DLF (@Cal) for their support and hopes that the relationship between the two parties can develop further.

(Event 3)

Rosewill hits the casinos of the Southern District where he drums up support for his party. . . by gambling a bunch of money and getting drunk.  

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1. William B. Lankford strides confidently down the steps of City Hall, surveying the small group of journalists before him as the lanky man finally halts his advance at the final step, pulling out a piece of paper to read from in addressing the press.

"This morning, I, William B. Lankford, as leader of the Farport Civic Group and a proud subject of our God and King, filed to run for mayor of Farport City. I take on this campaign to restore dignity, virtue, and sound governance to our mayor's office. To reject race-obsessed extremists, unreasonable union bosses, and reckless libertines, rather offering the people of Farport a moral, Christian, and prepared leader on their mayoral ballot this election. As mayor, I will seek to heal the rifts of class, ethnicity, and ideology dividing us, leading Farport towards a brighter future guided by Christian values and intelligent government. I will combat crime with the fierce power of our policemen, securing our streets from thieves and murderers in order to return them to the upstanding Farpotian. I will adjust our city budget so as to collect our revenues from those indulging in sinful items and goods imported from outside our King's Empire, promoting moral living and economic growth in our city. I will fight against the sins of prostitution and homosexuality on our streets, ensuring that Farport is a beacon of virtue on the Atlantic, proving this island worthy of the righteous grace of our Heavenly Father. And finally, when I attain the mayorship, Farport will continue as a proud dominion of our parent nation Britain, fighting always for our King as proud subjects of the British Empire. I ask that you join my campaign today, Farport, for God, King, and Country!"


2. Celebrating his mayoral kickoff, Lankford will hold a special dinner at his estate, inviting the fellow wealthy of Farport to join and eat with him. William will lament the current politics of Farport throughout the evening, warning how, between the FFUL and NRP, "the gallows may yet come out for us." Even as evening turned into night, and his guests grew silly with wine, the teetotalling Lankford would continue to speak with passion, calling for a "moral restoration" in Farport. As the dinner ended, and the meal's attendees stumbled away to be driven home, Lankford will sit meditatively in his office, hoping he has gained the favor and donations of the Farportian elite. 


3. The FCG will begin its legislative campaign, reaching out to the clergy and preachers of Farport's Christian churches. Using their explicitly Christian platform and rhetoric, the Civic Group hopes it can gain valuable support from these religious leaders, inspiring the middle class to stand up from their pews and walk into the ballot box to support the FCG these elections. 

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9 - Hoover II strikes a strong chord by choosing to run in the Eastern District, not only establishing himself as his own man but also reaching out to the voters of the Eastern district who are feeling increasingly disenfranchised. Could this be the start of a new base for the DLF?

3 - Hoover II uses the wrong words in the North. The people there are rural and proud of it, talk of industry, however well intended, stirs up thoughts of urbanization in them. The meetings do not go well as the landowners begin to speak harshly about how they won't let anything happen to their farms.

3 - The endorsement is taken the wrong way. Instead of being seen as what it is, an attempt to focus resources, it is instead taken as a sign of the DLFs weakening - It doesn't have the strength for a mayoral campaign.


2 - The NRP are harshly rejected. Many of the minorities they try to campaign to are immigrant descended if not immigrants themselves. The NRP find themselves heckled and booed as they march. This continued into Blair's announcement of his run for Mayor.

1! - Blair's campaigning goes badly. He and his campaigners find themselves wading through mud on a particularly rainy day, leading to some less than stellar remarks about the area from Blair, something which irks the residents of the Northern district.

6 - The Blueshirts founding goes well. The group proves capable at their job and gives the party meetings a feeling of order and formality, making them seem almost governmental in themselves.


8 - Schleswig's announcement is a hit! The man proves himself to be a capable orator and the crowds are recipient to his message. Though his audience was definitely comprised of his support base, the news quickly spreads and finds itself in the morning papers.

2 - Things go badly. Again, Farport had a rainy day and many of the speakers find their papers soaked and unreadable while the musicians can't perform in the rain. Ultimately the event was costly and ineffective.

5 - The meetings go amicably. While no major deals are hit Schleswig comes across as a statesman and the door is left comfortably open for future talks.


5 - Rosewill's selection as leader goes down well, though it doesn't make too much of a splash. The delegates took their time voting and by the time the result was announced the cutoff for the morning papers had been reached. The afternoon papers paint an excellent picture of the young man though.

2 - Jonah arrives at his newspaper interview slightly tipsy. He answers many of his questions badly and the paper makes sure to mention the state he was in when the article is released.

5 - The casino visit goes well enough. Rosewill is able to show himself off as a politician and shows off his charm when interacting with potential voters. He does however miss an opportunity to schmooze with the owners of the casino due to being too focused on the roulette table.


4 - The Farport Civic group is struggling at the moment but Lankford's announcement is solid. While it is dragged down by the current weakness of his party his announcement is well taken and avoids serious gaffes.

9 - The dinner goes perfectly. Lankford knows his etiquette well and the attendees have all supported the FCG at one point or another. Come the end of the night support among the wealthy is renewed and Lankford has received a donation from every attendee.

6 - The outreach goes well. While some of those reached out to explain that they choose to avoid politics the clergy who do agree to endorse the FCG do so with fervor and speak of them with great favour to their congregations.

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Event 1: Hoover II is pleased that his announcement seeking office in the Eastern District went over well. While its where he's lived for a long time, it was always a question of whether voters within the district would recognize his long-time ties there over his father's home. With the success of his announcement, he begins to reach out to workers in the docks that are disgruntled with union inefficiency to begin eroding FFUL's support in the working-class voters in the district. 

Event 2: We are not deterred by the lukewarm response so far in the North, seeing them as a largely underrepresented community that could come around to DLF if we show our interest is sincere and that we genuinely believe we can benefit them. Hoover II urges his father to seek reelection in the Northern District and to convince his allies to run for the other 6 seats in the district. 

Event 3: Lastly, Hoover II begins distributing flyers within the Inner City, promising that a vote for the DLF is a vote for economic prosperity. Chiefly, these flyers proclaim that the DLF supports efforts to expand housing in the Northern district that would alleviate some of the overcrowding issue in the Inner City. 

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1: Rosewill campaigns in the Inner City, where he talks to working class voters telling them that the economic plan of Prosperity is the only plan that will ensure wealth flows into the pockets of their families. 

2: Time to hit up the Inner City again, this time turning to small business owners. He essentially makes the same points he did with the working class bloc, just changed around to fit the interests of a regular business owner. "Why not unite them both?"

3. Prosperity does an ad blitz in the North considering how sparse and inexpensive it is to operate there. WIth newspaper and radio, they can reach plenty of the voters there.

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1. FFUL President Schleswig holds a series of town hall-style sessions with voters in the West - who may hold an irrational fear of the union's political requests - and highlights that many of the desires of the working class align with something many in the upper class take for granted - a voice in the decisions that affect their families. 

2. Schleswig takes his message to the radio, where he begins hosting a biweekly address to highlight FFUL's ideas for a better Farport.

3. FFUL candidates in the Eastern District echo Schleswig in his call for worker's rights and organize a brief work stoppage in the middle of a work day to demonstrate their power over the levers of capital. 

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The NRP will attack the current immigration policy as too open in the Eastern District, hoping to rile up uneducated white laborers.

The Commodore will attack the Rosewill of the Prosperity Party for his loose personal values, including his recent visit to the island’s casinos.

Blair meets with small business owners of the Island, hoping to get a cash injection for the NRP.

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