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INTP-T, the closest attribute is Thinking/Feeling with a 57/43 split, which makes sense since I remember getting INFP-T on a few occasions.

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I took the test again since I was curious to see how my results might look now that it has been a while since I last took it:

84% Extroverted
84% Intuitive
57% Thinking
89% Judging

79% Assertive

According to 16Personalities, famous ENTJs include FDR and Margaret Thatcher

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Too lazy to take a test at the moment but as I said before, I’ve been a solid INFJ (I don’t remember the last letter) but I do remember getting INTP sometimes. 

I was a lean introvert. Mostly solid on the rest, especially intuitive.

However once I read the summaries of INFJ I related to it for the most part. So I doubt anything has changed that much. 

A quick Google search and apparently Martin Luther King Jr. was an INFJ. Only INFJ President was Carter. 

I relate to a lot of the comments I’ve seen about people being “INFJ” however I’m skeptical of it as a whole. Just as much as I am of astrology really. But the shared experiences of others have merit in my mind. 

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The weird thing with me is that even though I've gotten ENFP 100% of the times I've taken the test since c. 1999, when I first took the test, is that I outwardly meet the description of an ENFP a lot less than I used to. Something changed in me c. 2010-2012. I'm much more outwardly reserved and serious than I once was. I think a lot of it was getting worn down living in NYC for 5 years and my dad dying. I used to be a lot more like Robin Williams--hyperactive, constantly talking, rarely serious, and probably annoying to most people. Much of that might be going from 12 cups of coffee on average to 3, actually. 

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25 minutes ago, Hestia said:

I got INFJ-T. 

57% Introverted - 43% Extroverted

51% Intuitive - 49% Observant

52% Feeling - 48% Thinking

61% Judging - 39% Prospecting

56% Turbulent - 44% Assertive

Nelson Mandela, MLK Jr. and Mother Teresa are INFJs

What test did you use? Can you send a link so I can take the same one?

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Yeah, I got ENFP-A as I predicted: 

71% Extraverted (I usually score 55% on this)
80% Intuitive (I usually score like 95% on this)
66% Feeling (I usually score about 55% on this)
71% Prospecting (Used to be called Perceiving. I usually get like 75% on this)
61% Assertive (Never took a test with this aspect before)
Same personality type as Robin Williams, Robert Downey Jr, Quentin Tarantino, some Korean guy named RM. I've also read that Bill Clinton might be an ENFP. 
It's odd I get ENFP 100% of the time but the definition -- enthusiastic, smiling, etc. hasn't really fit me since, say 2009 or 2010. I'm outwardly rather stoic and my voice can come off as monotone. But I'm definitely not introverted. I'm definitely not sensory, I'm definitely more feeling than thinking, and I'm definitely more P than J. Yet, I don't really fit the standard definition of ENFP. 
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