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Highest/Lowest Integrity President


Highest/Lowest Integrity President  

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  1. 1. Which of the following Presidents are the greatest integrity presidents? [Top 12 list in order of integrity according to Siena below]

  2. 2. Which of the following Presidents are the worst integrity presidents? [Siena's top worst integrity list, with the worst on top]

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I define integrity as "Doing the right thing -- even when nobody is watching."  That definition makes applying it to Presidents particularly difficult, because everybody is always watching. Haha.  Even if we could somehow agree on who was the most perfectly well-behaved President of all time, it wouldn't necessarily mean they had integrity.  It could just mean they felt they did the right thing because they were afraid of being caught doing the wrong thing. Haha.

That said, least integrity was an easy choice.  Donald Trump openly bragged about the terrible things he was doing.  Most people at least have a degree of shame when they're caught doing something wrong.  Trump gave zero shits.  

For most integrity, I went with Washington because the country would have accepted damn near anything he decided to do, since he was so worshipped.  Yet he consistently did his best to make the best decisions for the most people overall.  (Admitting that it's difficult to call a slave owner as someone with integrity, but it is what it is.)

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Tried to do just 2 or 3 for each. I think for most integrity, Washington and Carter are pretty easily above the rest. Least integrity was much easier to pick, as Nixon, Trump, Harding is a clear top 3.

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