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Religions March Madness


Religion March Madness  

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  1. 1. Check all those that you feel should make it to round 2

    • Hindu
    • Jain
    • Sikh
    • Chinese Buddhism
    • Zen Buddhism
    • Tibetan Buddhism
    • Yoga
    • Ancestor worship
    • Chinese folk religion
    • Confucianism
    • Shinto
    • Taoism
    • Roman Catholic
    • Eastern Orthodox
    • Gnostic
    • Nestorian
    • Coptic
    • Lutheran
    • Methodist
    • Baptist
    • Presbyterian
    • Episcopal/Anglican
    • Amish
    • Quaker
    • Unitarian
    • Evangelical (non-denominational)
    • Pentacostal
    • Reformed Christianity
    • Adventist
    • Mormon
    • Jehovah Witness
    • Scientology
    • Fundamental Christianity
    • Sunni Islam
    • Shia Islam
    • Sufi Islam
    • Fundamental Islam
    • Reform Judaism
    • Orthodox Judaism
    • Fundamental Judaism
    • Zoroastrian
    • Manichaean
    • Greco-Roman Paganism
    • Norse Paganism
    • African Tribal
    • Native American Tribal
    • Spiritual but not religious
    • MAGA Trump Cult
    • Agnostic
    • Athiest

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Agnostic Atheist myself, but chose the religions that would be on my shortlist if I had to be faithful. Eastern Religion or Reform Judaism if I had to choose an abrahamic religion.

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Sikhs are good people too. If I could vote against Jehovahs, 7th Day Adventists, and Mormons I would. Not a fan of modern (post Solomon temple destruction) Judaism but Samaritanism is cool. As someone who leans Catholic (though I like to say with a gnostic mindset) my best friend is ironically an unironic Norse Pagan.

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I voted for religions I especially respect, or those which I borrow from in my own spiritual life. There were some of them, like Shintoism, or Sikhism, where I just didn't know enough about them to know whether I liked them, or not. Also, I find it pretty strange that Native-American, and African religions were all lumped together under the 'tribal' distinction, while Christianity was given 20 different denominations to choose from.

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Checked off Mormon because while the church certainly has issues and Joseph Smith was a lying charlatan, I genuinely think the church's modern theology is better than 99% of Christianity (no eternal flaming torment for unbelievers, take note Christendom), and the handful of Mormons I've had personal experiences with were actually great people. 


Other than that, I just marked down religions based on my personal faith (Reform Judaism) and those I think are admirable/interesting.


My faith-of-origin (Adventists) can deserve votes when they drop the apocalypticism and Ellen White worship and just keep the emphasis on healthy living, since that's really their main strength as a group.

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15 hours ago, DakotaHale said:

Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Gnostic, Sunni Islam are the only real answers. Coptic, Lutheran, and Anglican were lucky to make it. Honorable mention to Buddhism. 

Christ is King.

I think if I had a religion--or felt any semblance of sprituality at all--the religion that would fit most natural to my person would be a merge of the following:

  • Gnostic
  • Jain
  • Deist
  • Ancestor Worship
  • Taoist
  • Unitarian

in my opinion--aside from ancestor worship (I'm just really into geneology)--the above seem like the religions closest to "pure good and pure logical,' at least many aspects of them. I think religion ought to be rational, if God is rational. I think religion ought to be good, if God is good. I think Good = Humanitarianism and love. Good = fear, submission, and favoritism. I don't think "faith' is logical. it just seems like a lame tag to convince one's self that something that can't be proven to have happened has happened. if God is rational, I think he'd want us to seek something deeper than faith to justify his existance, his goodness, and his worship. 

I think the fundamental varieties of any religion are the worst, I'd include fundamental atheism in this. Of the non-fundamental, I think evangelical (non-denomination) is the most dangerous--at least in the US. Pentacostal can be pretty bad too. Any "charismatic" and/or Mega Church Christianity seems dangerous and non-Christian to me. The crazy thing is that non-denominational Christianity isn't even accurate. They're almost all--if not all--Calvinistic. 

I'm okay with religion, so long as it doesn't pervert people to be inhumane, anti-Science, and intolerant or is used to justify people to be this way. 

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