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NYC Mayoral Poll  

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  1. 1. Who should be the next mayor of NYC?

    • Eric Adams
    • Shaun Donavan
    • Kathryn Garcia
    • Raymond McGuire
    • Dianne Morales
    • Scott Stringer
    • Maya Wiley
    • Andrew Yang
    • Art Chang
    • Aaron Foldenauer
    • Paperboy Love Prince
    • Joycelyn Taylor
    • Isaac Wright Jr.
    • Ferdinand Mateo (Republican)
    • Curtis Silwa (Republican)
    • Stacey Prussman (Libertarian)
    • Bill Pepitone (Conservative)
    • Vitaly Filipchenko
    • Quanda Francis
    • Christopher Krietchman

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3 minutes ago, Patine said:

More gambling? 🙄

Petty cash.  Just enough to make me care who wins the NYC mayor race.  I do the same with Super Bowls where my hometown Steelers aren't playing.  I don't really care enough about any other team -- but even something as small as $20 on a grid is enough to get me emotionally invested. ;c)

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I think Yang would be an innovative mayor. Bloomberg was mayor the entire 5 years I lived in NYC, and for the 8 times I visited NYC in the 5 years before then. My NYC timeline spans from March 2003- March 2020. I've visited about 6 times since moving from NYC about 8 years ago.  

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How the fuck did it take over 24 hours for me to see this poll? I think Yang is by-far the best candidate in this race, with an expansive platform including a Basic Income, a People's Bank, a massive and well-developed housing plan, a tax of vacant lots to promote development, and a slew of other new and progressive policy proposals. And I think Yang shines even more when you realize his main opponent in the polls is a pro Stop-And-Frisk former Republican like Eric Adams.

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