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Possible New Playtest

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Hi all,

In the next few weeks I will be offering a new playtest.  It will be for vets and newbies.  I think I possibly could run maybe one slab myself but not be crazy like some of you and do multiple!  But anyway I am judging interest in this and wanted to see what era you may be interested in playing.  Also the tags above are people I know but of course it is open to all!

1. Era of Republicanism, 1800-1802

2. Era of Democracy, 1820-1822

3. Era of Manifest Destiny, 1840-1842

4. Era of the Gilded Age, 1868-1870

5. Era of Progressivism, 1892-1894

6. Era of Normalcy, 1916-1918

7. Era of Neocons, 1972-1974


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6 minutes ago, pman said:

I feel like the Progressive Era is one of the few eras we haven't play tested. I'd vote for a Era of Progressivism playtest. Of course, starting in Reconstruction would be interesting. 

That gives us a key advisor...Sherman is a bit to young however lol

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Just now, dkh64 said:

Interested and available provided you're not starting next week, I'm not sure how long it takes to set these up. Gilded Age, Progressivism, and Neocon eras probably appeal the most.

No it wont be next week.  Probably early April.  I substitute teach and have jobs next 2 weeks daily 

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2 minutes ago, pman said:

Would there be any interest in practicing players controlling multiple factions to playtest our ability to control multiple factions in the actual game?

I dont mind provided we have spaces and your not doing 2 reds or 2 blues 

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30 minutes ago, EYates said:

Is the guilded age only 2 years?

No it starts in 1868 and we move on from there like all it gives a starting date of two years.  I will start right after Grant was elected with the people in place historically that were in cabinet or elsewhere under andrew johnson allowing whoever gets grant to make appointments 

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